Nutrafol for Men

Taking care of our overall health is something we all take seriously, especially when it is about how we look. And when it comes to using beauty supplements, even though some men are still not used to it, they are expanding, and with numerous products currently on the market, there is something for everybody. There are also many websites where one can get informed on what is the best product for him/her, what to expect, and where to purchase it, and for doing that, check The Skin Spot, where you can find the best, affordable medical-care skincare product for you.

The one thing that men surely find very upsetting is hair loss, which can occur because of multiple reasons, and in almost every age. According to some reports, up to 80% of men suffer from hair loss. Moreover, the first signs of alopecia (baldness) can appear even at the age of 25 or even sooner. The first thing to know is that hair loss is a perfectly natural phenomenon, and both men and women regularly lose their hair because once in 3-5 years, the hair is renewed.

If you lose an average of 50 to 150 hairs per day, then there is no reason to worry as that is quite common, but if that number is higher, then taking some treatment or considering other options like hair supplements is recommended. One of the new and best products to effectively reduce hair loss is Nutrafol, which is something that every doctor would suggest.

What makes this hair supplement stand out from all others is the evident and visible progress in hair thickness and growth in a short time. Clinical studies are the best source to look at the pure facts, which are on the side of the Nutrafol, and all the men that were and still are using it.

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What is it?

On the market, there are currently plenty of products that promote fixing the problem, where Nutrafol is maybe the only one which focus is not only on that but also on all the things that can cause this problem. Whether that is stress, genetics, low immune system, insomnia, or something else, the people who worked on Nutrafol tried to address them.

How does it work?

We all know how important for our body and metabolism is taking a daily dose of vitamins. Well, that is almost the same way when it comes to this product and how it works except, it goes deep to the root cause of hair loss, reducing shedding and improving hair thickness and growth. Ingredients play a significant role, and since every person is unique, and one of the main causes for losing hair besides genetics is the digestive system and stress, and so the way that this product works is from inside-out. That means that all ingredients are rich in antioxidants, stress-adaptogenic, etc. which helps in healthier hair growth-promoting.

Source: Men’s Journal


The price for this supplement is 79 dollars, and that is for its monthly plan, which makes it one of the pretty cheaper solutions on the market. But the price is not everything, and if something doesn’t cost that much, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s no good. On the contrary, it just means that everyone can purchase it and get not only their hair but also their confidence back. Using Nutrafol can be divided into 3 time periods:

  1. First three months where your body is adapting to the supplement
  2. Second trimester, where your hair starts growing back
  3. After the initial period (6 months), where you use it to maintain and yet increase your hair

There is also a necessary questionnaire before the treatment, and by completing it, you will get the best hair growth plan.

The ingredients

Among plenty of vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and D, some of the Nutrafol main ingredients are Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Keratin, Biotin, etc. Also, one of the key elements which help in dealing with DHT (follicle-shrinking) is “saw palmetto” – responsible for preventing testosterone conversion into DHT. As mentioned before, antioxidants also have their role, and Curcumin, which deals with TNF (inflammatory cytokines), is responsible for that. For increasing keratin, this hair supplement has amino acids like Marine collagen.

Source: Men’s Journal

Is it safe?

The only ingredient of this supplement which can be dangerous in high dosage is vitamin E, but there are many precautions taken by the developer that this risk does not exist. There is also not a single one ingredient that is banned or declared as not usable for human consumption, and everyone can use it. Those who already have some antiplatelet medication as part of their therapy should consult their doctor before using hair supplements because it can interfere with them.

Are there side effects?

Every medication has some side effects, and although Nutrafol officially can have some of them like feeling nausea and dizziness, there are no side effects reported by the people who are using it. Actually, and as another benefit, many men who take Nutrafol claim that this product helped them with not only hair growth but also their energy level, skin health, and overall sleep quality.

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Does it actually work?

We all want the results right here and right now, but as it is with every other medication, that simply cannot happen overnight. Regularly taking the pills and following your growth plan is crucial, and you will see the first results after three months. Yes, this may seem like forever, but after that initial period, you will be able to see improvement of your hair growth, health, and thickness each month. All information on this supplement is available, and everything about it is transparent, and by looking at all the ingredients, the options of Nutrafol not working is slim to none.

Final thoughts

When it comes to hair loss, the men take that problem quite seriously. And even though there is plenty of traditional and modern medicine for dealing with baldness, Nutrafol is the only one that actually works by dealing with the (initial) cause of hair loss. Of course, dedication is a must, and following the plan is the only way to get the best result.