12 Tips to Make Your Essays More Interesting to Read

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There are several characteristics that make a great essay, like impeccable grammar, precise sentences, and catchy phrases. But many overlook one of the most critical aspects – an essay needs to be interesting. An intriguing essay is easy to read and keeps one hooked from start to finish.

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In no particular order, here are 12 tips to make your essays more interesting to read.

1. Use Citations, Facts, & Statistical Figures (If Applicable)

Oftentimes, academic-style essays require one to write more intelligently and formally. Except for those genuinely interested in the subject, it can be dull for most other readers. However, using citations, facts, and statistical figures can pull a reader’s attention back to one’s essay.

2. Research Your Topic Thoroughly

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Nobody likes reading basic information that can most likely be sourced from the internet with the click of a button. Most readers want something more in-depth and unique. And this can only be produced when one spends extra energy and time researching their topics. To research well, one can read critically written pieces by experts in their field of study.

3. Write in an Engaging & Friendly Tone

Most people pay deeper attention to those who converse and convey their messages in a friendly way. Writers should also use this trick to be more engaging and exciting in their text. An easy way of achieving a friendlier voice is to write when one is in a good and positive mood.

4. Use Visual Aids (If Applicable)

Visual aids provide relief from too much text and make it easier for readers to go through an essay. Depending on the type of essay, one can use a variety of visual aids like stock images, infographics, statistical graphs, and more. One of the best ways of using visuals is also through clicking pictures to blend with the written narrative in their essays.

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5. Read Essays Written by Renowned Writers

There are no two ways about it: to become a better writer, one simply needs to read the best content pieces. One can easily do this by going through each essay writer by their niche or field of study.

Reading phenomenal text has the power of subconsciously triggering one to emulate it. Students can practice reading various texts from their favorite writers to adopt some of the best writing characteristics. Reading also helps in learning new techniques and improving one’s overall writing style.

6. Use Quotes from Interesting Sources

Using quotes has the power of adding a keener sense of interest in one’s written work. When making arguments or drawing comparisons, quotes can add more surety to the conclusions that can be drawn. They can also broaden the overall perspective of the content by offering personal and professional takes from those connected with the topic being discussed.

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7. Write in an Active Voice

This is perhaps one of the oldest yet most effective ways of making one’s writing more engaging. People generally have conversations in an active voice, and this makes it much easier for readers to grasp the content quickly. As opposed to the use of passive voice, which can make one’s content a bit too academic and boring.

8. Use Thesaurus

Almost every writer in the world with the internet knows about Thesaurus. For those who don’t, it is a vast hub that provides one with several synonyms, antonyms, and more for any given word. When it comes to essay writing, a Thesaurus can help students avoid repetition and sound more intelligent. However, students should also be careful not to use too many big or complicated words as they can deter the reader’s interest.

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9. Concentrate on Your Flow, Structure, & Readability

Great essays aren’t those that just contain great content but are also those that readers can read effortlessly. And sometimes, even the best thinkers and writers may fall short of keeping their readers hooked from start to finish. One of the best ways to accomplish smooth readability is to ensure a good flow to one’s content. This can be achieved by using simple words, crisp sentences, and short paragraphs.

10. Proofread & Edit Your Work

This one should be a no-brainer for those who write essays for academic purposes. This is because submitting work that may contain errors can be detrimental to one’s grades. Also, no one likes reading work that contains too many errors, as this can be a sign of a lack of preparedness from the writer. Students can also use various online text checkers like Grammarly and the Hemingway App to refine their content.

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11. Be Original & Write in Your Unique Voice

Nobody should ever lose their authenticity and uniqueness in the pursuit of trying to be more interesting. And this should especially be registered by writers trying to convey their messages to the world. Readers and professors are sharp and can sense when a writer tries to go above and beyond themselves. Writers should always respect their inner voice and stay true to themselves, so their content comes out as original and authentic.

12. Pick Topics You’re Genuinely Interested In

We often see people talk and express most passionately when speaking about something they love and enjoy. The same applies to writers. Thus, to make one’s essay as interesting as possible, one should select topics they love exploring.

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The Bottom Line

As we can see, there are several ways to make one’s essay exciting and fun to read. Students are recommended to go through the above points and implement the ones that suit their writing styles and tastes best.

Today’s students can also take quick courses and online exam help, for them to learn the most effective ways of delivering the best content. There is simply a lot to learn and learn from when it comes to improving their writing skills!