How to Avoid Mistakes When Writing Essay?


Academic essay writing is an inescapable part of the educational journey. Learning writing skills may be one of the most remarkable achievements you have achieved in college. However, most students make some mistakes before mastering the art of academic writing.

There are, however, some rules for writing essays. You start strong with a research statement, and in conclusion, you end on a high note. These points will help you write an impactful essay.

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Problem With Essays

Most people are still not comfortable showing their works to other people. It is so because they do not have enough confidence in themselves. They believe that they cannot find all the errors and areas of improvement in their essay. The root of this problem is the lack of a set pattern to write an essay. No worries, as this article will help you recognize your mistakes and help you improve.

Skipping the Thesis Statement

It is a vital part of your essay, as it stands in your thesis statement. Ironically, people are quick to forget to add it in the central part of their essay, the introduction. It has to be the main point of your essay and must appear in front of your readers first.

Avoid such an amateur mistake by making the thesis statement distinct and put it in the first paragraph.

Repeat the Introduction

Even if the basic idea in the introduction and conclusion is the same, do not repeat the opening in conclusion. It is a crucial part of the essay and gives a gist of what happened in it. To add an impactful conclusion, end it on a high note so that it lingers in the readers’ minds for a long time.


Too Much Information and Many Facts

Even though it is essential to create detailed and meaningful essays, filtering that data is even more. You aim to provide adequate information in the most concise and capsule form. So try to understand the difference between what you want to tell and what you need to tell. Try to take help from an essay writing service, like Paperleaf, who can give you a suitable essay in time. If you are writing it yourself, examine it before submitting it. It is crude and raw at the beginning. The reader might lose interest if they watch so much detail. Keep only the relevant and intriguing things in the essay and filter out any extra stuff.

Composing a Hard-to-Read Essay

What most students do is try to be clever and add more complex and heavy words and sentences. Doing so makes the essay tough to comprehend, and the student may even forget about the given guidelines. Guidelines indicate that the students need to present the information. You can avoid this mistake by not using extra phrases and words. Stick to the principal idea of the essay and use simple sentences to add the information you want to present. Essay writing services are experts in drafting easy-to-read essays.


Using Too Many Quotes while writing an Essay

The essay showcases your unique opinion on the topic and also stands for the amount of research you have conducted to bring it to a conclusive end. To make sure your work is plagiarism-free, make sure to not overuse quotes from the host assignment or article. Resist using quotes and directly copied lines from websites or books as it reduces accountability. In an essay, you need to be the sole producer.

Wrong Formatting

While drafting an essay, the most crucial aspect is representation. If your formatting runs haywire, it automatically gives it a shabby look. The reader must be hooked to your reading and not repulsed by it. Try using proper style and fonts that are easy on the eye. The main focus of your essay is to give information, so try to avoid distractions altogether. Pick a simple font and theme. Leave an adequate amount of space for the margins and do not overstuff facts. The information must flow and come in authentically


Too Many Typos

After you have drafted your essay, proofread it. It is a document that speaks for a portion of your marks, so make sure you make it sincere and decent. Respectfully draft it and proofread it while making sure that you do not use slang. Above all, never use contractions.

Contractions make your content informal and friendly, and you do not want to come across as someone who does not care about their work. Use online grammar-checking websites and cliché finders to tackle where you may have slipped or lagged.

No Transitions between the Sections

Studies show that the human brain cannot comprehend a lot of information without periodic breaks. These breaks are called transitions in essay writing. It is important to welcome them smoothly in an essay since they can make or break it. Give the required spaces between changing paragraphs, write vital sentences in bold, or using a different font. Always remember to give breaks and smooth transitions for the reader to comprehend the information.


Using Incorrect or Generic Titles

The title of the essay should be a representation of its content. While reading the title, the reader should be intrigued and curious to know what you have to say about your topic. Incite curiosity. An issue that is not associated with the essay may result in the readers getting uninterested. It does not bode well with your grades or your impression upon the reader. Try not to use a generic heading. Keep your title short, crisp, and precise.


Plagiarism is deceiving. No educator would want to read your essay if they can get the same information by barely skimming the internet. The progress in technology in today’s era permits recognizing and penalizing plagiarism. Avoid plagiarism by running a check on it. Tons of websites check them for plagiarism for free. Make full use of them. Avoid using quoted remarks as your own, and always source your image or graphics if you have used any.

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Wrapping up

In summary, writing a mistake-free essay can be challenging but not tough. At the same time, writing one should keep in mind several things. Don’t repeat the sentences again and again or make them stuffy without any real meaning. Make sure there is a smooth flow in the article. Get yourself plagiarism and grammar-checking software. This will limit the chances of any typing mistakes if you are not a native English speaker. The wording should be easy and understandable. Add proper formatting to give your essay a final touch.