How to Listen to Music While Riding a Motorbike


We all love listening to music all the time regardless of what we are doing. Then why not when you are riding your motorbike.

Can you listen to music while riding a motorcycle?

The question is obvious, but the answer is complex! Though you can listen to music while riding your motorcycle, you must follow some rules.

It is essential to use methods that are safe, legal, and reliable for listening to music. You can use a stereo system or a Bluetooth helmet. However, using headphones is neither safe nor permissible.


The rules of listening to music while riding

Listening to music on a motorcycle is riskier and more complex than on other vehicles. Most of the states in the US do not allow motorcycle drivers to use headphones and earbuds.

Though you can listen to music while riding your motorcycle, you increase your risk of potential dangers. For example, headsets and headphones take a considerable share of your senses, especially if they are equipped with a noise-canceling feature.

Helmet inserts are a relatively better option as you don’t need to insert anything directly into your ears. However, they are also not 100% distraction-free. Their wiring may get caught, or the speaker may become loose.

The best ways to listen to music while riding

Apart from the methods mentioned above, there are certain ways in which you can listen to music while riding a motorcycle safely and conveniently. These methods are tried and tested to produce minimum distraction for the rider.


Motorcycle Stereo System

Though using a stereo system is both permitted and safe, but at times you don’t want to reveal what you are listening to. And through your stereo speakers, everyone in the surrounding will have to listen to it.

A stereo system is easy to operate, and you just need to operate a few more buttons on your handlebar. Installing and connecting a stereo system to your iPod or phone is convenient.

Given that a stereo system installed in a motorcycle has to endure all external elements, it must be waterproof. A stereo system that remains functional and safe during rains is expensive, but it is worth the price.

Bluetooth Helmet

A Bluetooth helmet is another safe and effective way of listening to music while you enjoy your ride. The built-in speakers present in these helmets work in coordination with your phone or MP3 player. The greatest advantage of using these helmets is that there is no hassle with wiring or sliding parts.

Most of the Bluetooth helmets come with external buttons for basic controls. However, you will need to memorize those buttons. They can also access GPS so that you don’t need to look at your phone while you ride. The best thing is that you are not cut off from the surrounding noise while wearing a Bluetooth helmet.

Once you sync your phone with this Bluetooth system, you can listen to your favorite radio station, play songs and podcasts. The best thing is that this system is also effective for making phone calls while you are on a ride.


Motorcycle Ear-buds

Motorcycle earbuds are also a convenient way of having a relaxed ride. They are wireless and simple to use. as these earbuds are tiny, they don’t possess any danger for your eardrums. Another advantage of using earbuds while you are on your two-wheeler is that they do not block the surrounding noise. So you can keep track of horns and sirens ringing around you while listening to your favorite songs.

Bluetooth Headsets

Another great choice for music enthusiasts is the Bluetooth headsets. They are now available with great functions and the latest features. They connect with your smartphones and help you stay on the right track. Finding your next destination with the help of directions from Google is now very simple.

The headset speakers should have enough power so that they are audible to the rider. They are compact enough to fit the helmet. It is wise to invest in good quality headsets from reliable manufacturers, as they are comfortable and durable. You can charge their battery rapidly even during your short lunch break and then enjoy hours of carefree riding.

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Pros and Cons of Listening to Music on Your Motorcycle:

Still not sure about which way you will feel comfortable listening to music while riding your motorcycle? Here are some pros and cons of each of these methods that will make it easier for you to decide.

Listening to music may or may not increase alertness:

Most of the riders experience that the constant sounds of motor and wind can become boring and monotonous. It may also cause the riders’ minds to wander here and there, thus reducing the concentration. Therefore we can say that music increases your alertness.

Listening to music may improve your mood:

Listening to your favorite music while you’re riding will relieve stress and make a positive impact on your mood. Some people get a headache with the rumble of motorcycles and other noises of the traffic. In that case, music helps prevent such headaches.

Listening to music may obscure necessary noise:

Ignoring every sound in the surrounding may leave you in a dangerous situation all of a sudden. Inclusion of surrounding noise helps riders in taking control of the situation within time.

Listening to music on the stereo system may annoy others:

Other drivers and pedestrians do not appreciate stereo systems on motorcycles. Whatever you are listening to is likely annoying for others, especially if the volume is high.

What about the volume?

As a rule of thumb, the music volume must not exceed a point where it overcomes the surrounding voices. In that case, it will become distracting and hazardous and deprive you of essential awareness.



If you have just started riding a motorcycle, it is better to make yourself accustomed to your motorcycle and the routes you will take while you ride. Few quiet journeys with just the sounds of trees and winds are helpful while you learn to take full control of your motorcycle and the riding situations.

Secondly, when you plan to listen to music on your two wheels, it is better to make a playlist of your favorite songs before you start your ride. Changing songs while riding is a major source of distraction and can lead to dangerous situations.

Quick access to the pause or mute button helps control the music. It’s always better to keep the music to a slow volume to remain aware of your surrounding situations.