How to Make Your Woodworking Hobby Profitable

Having enough passive income to sustain yourself or to thoroughly enjoy your job is everyone’s dream. Turning a hobby into a profitable pastime is pretty easy if you enjoy woodworking. All you need are the right tools, the know-how, a dash of experience and voila, you can have a lucrative little workshop going for you.

Once you find your expert niche and build your reputation, you might even be able to quit your day job! Of course, you may need a bit of help in the beginning, and that’s when our list below for the most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell comes in handy.

Beavercraft Spoon Carving Kit

Source: Hummul Carving Company

Sometimes it just takes practice and time before you are capable enough to put your own unique touch and spin on things. A good profitable project to work on is something people need in their daily lives, such as spoons. We all need spoons to feed ourselves and custom-made and durable options are great. I don’t know about you, but I would spend some extra cash on unique spoons.

With this kit you and/or your customer will get the traditional hand-crafted feeling once they hold this special utensil in the palm of their hand. Even if you are just a beginner and looking to dabble in woodworking, this makes a great Valentine’s Day, Christmas or even birthday gift!


  • Get traditional hand-crafted feelings with this woodworking kit.
  • Get a unique piece that makes a great gift for any occasion.
  • The kit comes complete with everything you need.
  • Step-by-step instructions and a detailed guide with video will be emailed to you after purchase.
  • The kit is guaranteed to be of good quality.
  • Customer service is always ready to assist you.


  • Some consumers claim the knives were not sharp enough out of the box and required sharpening.

The kit is for beginners and comes complete with everything you need, which includes a wood carving knife, hook knife, the pattern, instructions, polishing compound, etc. Don’t be afraid if you’ve never even held a piece of wood or carving knife before because Beavercraft will guide you through the whole process step-by-step.

All the tools will arrive ready-to-use in the package when you order. If you meet any obstacles along the way, The customer service are ready to give you a hand at any time.

Wood Carving Whittling Kit

Source: Gaxcoo

If you are just starting out or need beginners whittling tools, this kit has everything you may need. The tools are great for whittling spoons and bowls with an extra knife that can tackle the details.

The benefits of whittling include relieving stress and helping you relax from your daily pressures. It’s nice to come home after a busy day and sit down in a quiet environment and start whittling in peace. It’s a sort of meditative activity that allows you to reflect on the day.


  • Packaged in a well-made and decadent wooden box.
  • The knives are suited for all skill levels
  • The knives are easy to use
  • Allows you to participate in a relaxing activity that is close to meditation.
  • A great gift idea.
  • Includes everything you need to get started
  • Comes with user guide


  • Most people have been nothing but satisfied with their purchase.

It’s also an excellent gift idea and is suited to people of all skill levels. You can even pair the kit with instruction books to complete your present. It comes in a well-made box that adds that extra touch if it’s meant to be a gift. Perfect your craftsmanship with the excellent and ergonomic whittling kit from 4Juma.

Good Clean Fun Book by Nick Offerman

Source: Bear Mountain Boats

If you know woodworking, then you must know Nick Offerman. He is an actor, comedian, and co-host of NBC’s Making It a TV series about crafting. He wears many hats but is first and foremost a woodworker.

In this book, Nick offers real-life tips and advice on the subject of woodworking. Gain inspiration from him and his team of crafty people who have an infectious spirit when it comes to their passion of this hands-on activity.


  • A book by the famed Nick Offerman, actor, comedian and woodworker
  • Takes you behind the scenes for a real understanding of the fundamentals of woodworking.
  • Endowed with a wide variety of projects for every skill level.
  • The instructions are paired with vivid photos for further clarification.
  • It’s not only going to teach you a lifelong skill but also give you an enjoyable time reveling in Nick’s humor.


  • The wording and language used may be a bit overcomplicated.

Understand the fundamentals of building not only furniture but also kazoos, ukuleles and even mustache combs! What’s great is there’s a little something for people of all skill levels. Get to know Nick and his beloved humor while taking a stroll through his lifetime journey of becoming a skilled woodworker.

It’s a learning tool but also a source of comedic fun. This book will be the first step you take in the right direction to start building projects that are profitable. For more books that will take your woodworking projects to the next level, check out the woodworking books review by Sawinery.

Other Profitable Ideas



Any kind of rack is a stellar investment. They check off most of the questions above, as they can easily be customized and made unique, people can always find a use for them, they are easily adaptable and they don’t cost much or take up much of your time.

You just need a few pieces of pallet wood from, some nails and hooks and different shapes and patterns etched in and -voila! Think wine racks, coat racks, book rack, etc.

Picture Frames

So simple and easy, these everyday household items can easily be made unique. Have people request bespoke frames with their anniversary dates, names, or patterns etched into the frames. Anything customizable is always a hit!

Wooden Signs And Decor

Household decorations are in high demand right now, and many folks are selling their wood art in the form of wall hangings and signs, according to 490 Creations. You can setup a simple online store, or sell on social media. Either way you look at it, people really pay top dollar for customized wooden signage and home decor.

Our Top Pick: The Complete Book Of Woodworking

It was hard to choose one out of all our suggestions, but we figured that before anyone can get to making money with this pleasurable hobby, they need to have the basics down. That means some light reading and thorough understanding of the basics – and that’s what this book gives you.

It’s a detailed guide with lots of projects for indoor and outdoor furniture. The best part is the photos that help you understand what the book is describing. The book will also make sure you have knowledge of all the safety precautions that need to be taken while working on a project.