8 Health Benefits of Indoor Climbing – A 2024 Guide

You might be thinking about trying indoor rock climbing, and if you just cannot choose whether or not it is good for you, you should keep in mind that it is one of the best ways to exercise your body, however, it will also be good for your mind. But, besides these two obvious benefits, there are countless others that you can reap.

Although quite complex and challenging, indoor rock climbing can provide people with various benefits, and if this is something you are trying to learn, this article might just help you. Let’s take a closer look at the list of the best health benefits that you can gain from trying this sport:

1. You’ll Exercise Your Entire Body

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When you exercise at a sports gym, your body – especially legs and hands – might be aching and sore. Nevertheless, if you opt for ascending several times every week, you’ll be exercising your entire body out. The core usually becomes incredibly tough, your arms, hands, and spine will all surely get toned, and the legs? Well, they’ll definitely be more robust and capable of doing a lot of different movements.

All of this can be achieved when practicing this sport, which means that you won’t have to do any tiring exercises, you’ll not have to raise the annoying dumbbells, and you won’t have to squat with different weights in order to increase the capability of your legs. This means that you won’t have to do a different exercise for each part of the body, because it will take care of everything during one session.

2. Say ‘Goodbye’ to Calories

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Now, you might be wondering – how is that feasible? Well, it will depend on how old you are, your gender, mass, and height, but, an average person could lose approximately 800kcal every hour if they choose indoor climbing! You should know that that does not implement the time needed to set up your equipment.

While on the topic of equipment, you should know that there are various items that you’ll need, including chalk for your hands. Luckily, there are websites such as theclimbinggear.com that offer equipment for this particular sport, hence, you can get everything that you need in one place.

3. Your Flexibility And Balance Will Improve

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You might not be as flexible as you wish when you first start out, however, after a couple of months, you’ll find yourself effortlessly reaching the rocks that you thought you never could reach. Additionally, you could see that your balanced improved too, especially since your core and back will be getting stronger.

To ascend successfully, you’ll need to gain control over all of the tissues and limbs, which is something that will allow you to stay balanced, steady, and centered, even while you’re in the usual difficult and daunting positions. This can assist you in practicing other sports as well.

4. Your Cardiovascular System Will Get Its Exercise As Well

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Yup, this is completely true – the tissues and body parts are not the only areas that’ll get the exercise they need. As mentioned, when you’re practicing, you’ll be operating everything. However, there is one other part that’ll be working extra in order to help you.

Your cardiovascular system, more specifically, your heart will be working extra to pump and direct the oxygen where it needs to be. This means that your lungs will also work tirelessly to provide you with that oxygen. Hence, while you are exercising, you’ll be getting your cardio exercise without even knowing about it.

5. No More Stress And Anxiety

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Is there really anything that focuses your mind better than the point that you might seriously injure yourself if you fall from the platform you are working on? Probably not. And, with all that focus comes to stress and anxiety relief too. The physical exercise will also do miracles for your hormones, particularly the ones that’ll provide you with good feelings.

6. It Improves Problem-Solving Abilities

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If you ask anyone who has tried or been practicing rock climbing for some time, they will all tell you that this sport is, in fact, an art. Some platforms have a wide range of ways that you can ascend them, which means that you’ll need to think about where you will place your feet and hands every single time that you exercise.

Now, the location of your arms and feet are not the only things you’ll need to think about. You’ll also need to think about what rock you can grab, how to get to a particular one, and how much pressure you’ll be utilizing when using any of your body parts. And, once you accomplish something, you’ll be developing your ability to solve problems, which you can utilize for other things as well.

7. You’ll Meet New People

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Another important benefit – especially for your mental well-being – is that you’ll meet a lot of new people when exercising. This means that you’ll gain new friends which can easily make us feel fulfilled and happy. If you do not want to make long-lasting relationships with them, you’ll at least have someone that you can talk about this sport.

8. You’ll Feel Fulfilled After Every Session

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There will be no better feeling then when you successfully climb a platform. Once you reach the level you are satisfied with, you’ll be happy about what you have achieved, which means that you’ll improve your confidence as well. Additionally, this can push you to achieve greater things, hence, you’ll be pushing yourself to be better and achieve more things when practicing this sport.


As you can see, there is a wide range of health benefits that you can gain from indoor rock climbing. Not only will you be able to exercise your entire body, but, you’ll also lower anxiety and stress levels, and you’ll be able to communicate and spend time with other climbers, which is something that can improve your mental well-being as well.

So, now that you know what benefits this interesting and fun sport can provide you with, you should not waste any more time. Instead, start browsing the Internet in order to find a gym or place that offers you a chance to practice and try indoor rock climbing right away!