How to Finish Your Senior Year on the Right Foot

Senior year is a step towards a goodbye. It works as an ending of an era while also, the beginning of another. It’s exciting but needless to say, extremely daunting with respect to assignments. While it should be all rainbows and butterflies, it’s far from that and requires more groundwork than ever before! Put in the groundwork today to reap its bright and significant outcomes tomorrow by landing in your dream college.

If you’re entering your senior year of High School and wish to make it count, make it the best year of school, here are some things that’ll help you start as well as finish it on the right foot. So, follow along.

1. Work towards being more independent

Being at home and at school, believe it or not, is the rosiest time of one’s life. Things get done for you not necessarily by you. With that said, it is imperative to understand that your parents/ siblings and friends won’t be around during college which is why you need to start taking control. Start by taking baby steps towards say, doing the laundry, making your bed, or getting your car fixed. These steps will help you know how things get done by getting yourself involved.

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2. What major do you want to do?

When it comes down to your senior year, you must have a vague idea as to what you wish to do with your life. It could be anything. You could want to become a musician, there’s a program for that, if you wish to become a writer, there’s an option of that available as well. The sky is the limit, you just have to make up your mind.

Further, if you’re confused and clueless as to what you wish to do with your life, that’s okay too. It is difficult to make up your mind suddenly which is when you should start recognizing your abilities and flaws, might I say, pragmatically. For instance, if you wish to pursue Economics in college, you must be average to above average in math and your grades in English, science won’t stand too much of a value. So, just be realistic and contemplate it while also, doing your research on alumni groups and Google.

3. List those dream colleges down

If you’re going to college, you would definitely have a faint idea as to where you would want to spend the next four grueling years at. Is it the East Coast or West Coast? With that narrowed down, you must know what major you would want to pursue which will enable you to research on best colleges for that specific program.

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4. Make a budget

Colleges are out of the roof, expensive. With that said, it is important you draw out a plan for it. If your parents are paying for it, you must sit down with them for a fruitful discussion about it. This will allow you to think within the bounds of their budget.

Furthermore, if you don’t have any expected financial support you must explore various scholarships offered in multiple colleges which take into account your grades and other achievements. Once you know what the requirements are and you wish to keep up with them or exceed them, this will enable you to work on your grades accordingly. Moreover, multiple colleges included Ivy Leagues also offer great financial aid to its needy students with tremendous academic or athletic achievements which makes them worth exploring.

5. Get a side gig

It is pertinent to understand that tuition fees, every six months does not encompass half of the expenditure that incurs. With that said, it is important to start working towards saving up from today. We’re pretty sure you don’t get enough pocket money which is why you must look for part-time jobs which are specifically for students. Now, we do understand that you have a hell load of assignments, quizzes, course works to prepare for which is why we’re here with a solution. You can hit up online help like that of if you need assistance with your assignments.

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6. Volunteer and explore!

Since it’s your last year in your town, you must explore the area like a tourist. Hike up the mountain tops and witness the sunset and/ or sunrise with your best friends while also being active. Not just that, you can also avail of this opportunity to volunteer for the causes you truly care about. This will help you not only with your application but also will give you the option of spending some quality time with your friends who you’re going to miss.

7. Begin those preparations!

Once you’ve decided your major, chosen your college, drawn up a budget, this is time to begin those preparations! Begin your preparations to end the senior year with a bang by jotting down all the activities you wish to do with your friends and family. They don’t have to cost a lot, it could be just as simple as making a home-cooked meal with your parents each weekend or just watching old Hollywood classics with your girlfriends and make your time the best as possible with people you love and care about the most. Further, you must also begin buying bit and pieces for your dorm room from today so that you don’t have to spend too much money all together towards the end of the school year.

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High School is a great time in an individual’s life. It is familiar and comfortable which makes it all the more endearing. With that said, please enjoy these last few moments to the fullest without stressing out about the future because very soon you’ll find yourself reminiscing about them.