4 Tips on How to Be a Good Security Guard

Although often underestimated, the profession of a security guard is an extremely responsible and challenging job. We usually don’t realize how much effort they put into caring about our security in everyday life. Many times they prevent issues before we recognize the threat. And it is worth remembering that we live in a continually changing and developing society. Each day there are more and more threats security guards have to cope with.

Whoever decides to become a security guard in Dublin with Angleside has to undergo professional training, as well as familiarise himself with the safety rules of the specific workplace. Each work environment is slightly different. Therefore many rules and regulations are company-specific. However, some behavior patterns are universal and desirable for all security guards who want to do their job well. Some of them are strictly linked to professional preparation; others are more related to personality traits and the general approach to work. You’ll find them in our four tips on how to be a good security guard.

1. Work in the appropriate outfit and with the right gear

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It is not without reason that many professions require a particular outfit. On the one hand, professional clothing implies a certain job and is associated with a specific social role. When you see a doctor in scrubs or a policeman in uniform, you immediately know what profession they are doing and what you can expect from them. The same happens with a security guard. By wearing your professional outfit while at work, you let people around you know that you are responsible for their safety, and they can rely on you in case of danger. On the other hand, you should always wear your outfit also because it is designed specifically for your job. Its purpose is to make it easier for you to perform your duties. After all, there’s a reason why you don’t work in scrubs. It would be complicated to work as a security guard wearing them.

Just as important as your attire is the gear your employer equips you with. Depending on the responsibilities, security guards may receive different tools necessary to perform their tasks. Whether you need a gun, a short-wave radio, a phone, or a bulletproof vest, make sure you always have them with you when you start work. This way, you protect not only the people you are responsible for, but also yourself.

2. Familiarise yourself with the procedures

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Many security guards believe that actions are most important in their work, treating theory as a secondary matter. However, these two aspects are strongly connected. Thorough knowledge of security procedures is fundamental for quick and accurate reactions. Try thinking about procedures as an aid, not an obstacle. Remember that somebody decided to describe specific scenarios because they are repetitive. Different ways of dealing with these situations have been tested, and procedures represent the ones that are the best. Thus, it’s worth using ready and proven solutions. This way, you’ll make the right decisions in the face of a threat.

Of course, each situation differs slightly from the others, and there is no single set of rules effective in each case. However, by following procedures, you significantly accelerate the proper reactions and eliminate the need to analyse the most repetitive patterns.

As a security guard on a security consulting services, you should also become familiar with the emergency procedures which are not directly related to the usual events you deal with at work. These include all kinds of natural disasters, fires, floods, etc. when it’s necessary to follow evacuation procedures. Every security guard should know them because in such extreme situations, security guards also become first responders.

3. Be alert and focused

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Being a security guard, you must be vigilant and focused all the time. It’s a job that requires not only physical fitness but also a clear mind. At work, you can’t allow anything to distract you. Try not to think about problems that are not related to work, and avoid distractions such as the Internet or social media. Always observe your surroundings, and don’t let anything surprise you.

As soon as you stop being alert, you put other people’s lives in jeopardy. On the other hand, by being focused the whole time you’re at work, you can adequately analyse every dangerous situation. In consequence, your reactions are faster and your methods – more effective.

4. Use your communication skills

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The most essential soft skill that every security guard needs is the ability to talk to people. This is the most effective method to de-escalate any problem. Although security guards are often armed, they should always try to solve problems without using violence. This is very important! Your communication with other people should be based on empathy, understanding and calmness. Don’t let anything upset you. Always talk to people whether they are your boss, colleagues, clients, or the person who has caused an issue you had to deal with.

Excellent communication skills make it easier for guards to maintain control in a difficult situation and enforce appropriate behaviour in case of emergency. They turn out to be useful later as well when guards have to report their actions. Professional training and proper gear are undoubtedly indispensable for the security guard’s work. However, often clear messages and polite, respectful conversations are enough to achieve the expected results. Click here if you want to know how to develop a skill set that will get you hired as a security guard within weeks of being licensed.

Knowledge, experience, physical fitness, professional gear, and proper soft skills are a set of features and abilities that a good security guard should have. All these elements complement each other perfectly, and if you want to do your job well, you should continuously work on each of them. This way, you will be able to ensure safety in your workplace and protect your employers from loss. What’s equally important, you are going to be safe as well.