Electrostatic Sprayer: An Effective Means to Combat Infections

Electrostatic spraying is a technique that involves applying a disinfectant or other kinds of liquids to cover a surface with the aim to rid it from dirt, infectious viruses, germs, and other such content. The spray liquid is applied with an electric charge to ensure its effectiveness. The process is facilitated by an electrostatic sprayer. The spraying method is not as new as it seems. It has been prevalent since the mid 20th century. However, its use was mostly confined to the painting and coating industry. The last few years have seen a growth in its use in the cleaning industry. It has become an essential part of the cleaning processes in the current times. The ease and effectiveness of this cleaning method are what makes it so popular.

Electrostatic Sprays to Combat Deadly Viruses

Source: Solon Community School District

Electrostatic sprayers have proved to be quite effective in fighting viruses such as the highly contagious novel coronavirus which is giving sleepless nights to people world over. More than a million people across the globe have been affected with coronavirus and thousands have succumbed to it. It is a pandemic and even superpowers such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany seem helpless at this hour. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has no answer to when this mass destruction would end.

The disease spreads by droplet transmission that occurs by having close contact with an infected person. The virus also has the capacity to live on surfaces and this is what makes it all the more dangerous. Research reveals that coronavirus can stay alive on a surface for as long as nine days. Disinfecting and cleaning the surfaces regularly has thus become crucial to keep this virus at bay. One of the most effective ways to do so is with the use of electrostatic sprays. Things that are touched frequently must particularly be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

The time is critical for everyone. With no medicines, treatment or vaccine for this newly developed disease, it is becoming difficult to fight it. Thankfully, electrostatic spraying can give some respite amid this global crisis.

The spray also helps in combating other kinds of viruses and bacteria, including norovirus, hepatitis, and shigella, to name a few. More and more people are thus opting for this technique to disinfect their houses, offices and other places so as to ensure their safety as well as that of those around.

A Must for Houses with Kids

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The use of electrostatic sprayer is particularly a must for houses with babies that are learning to crawl. This is because floors are highly prone to dirt and germs. We go out, roam around everywhere and bring all kinds of germs, bacteria and dust home via our shoes. It may not impact much if there are only adults in the house as most of us mop the floor with disinfectant cleaners every day. However, you cannot take a chance when you have a crawling baby or toddler around. These cute little beings are all over the floor and before you know their dirty hands are in their mouth. We often see young ones developing conditions such as stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhea. One of the main causes of this is crawling and playing on dirty floor/ touching infected surfaces and subsequently eating food or simply sucking thumb/ fingers without washing hands. With an electrostatic spray in place, you can keep all these uncalled for problems at bay. By using this effective sprayer, you can ensure a healthy and happy environment at home.

When you spray this liquid regularly you can successfully counter the breeding of germs on the floor, walls, door knobs and other surfaces. It is also safe to spray it on toys, crib, swings and other such things. However, just make sure not to use these things immediately after spraying the electrically charged liquid. It takes around 10 minutes or so to dry. So, just keep your kids away from them for this short while.

Likewise, it is also recommended to use this spray in day care centers and play schools so that kids can roam around freely without incurring medical conditions such as those mentioned above.

The Science Behind the Process of Electrostatic Spraying

Source: Brenner Facility Service

Now that you know about the effectiveness of this product, let us understand the science behind its working. This unique and one of a kind process involves applying positive charge to the liquid which is to be applied to different surfaces/objects that need to be cleaned/disinfected. The liquid is attracted to the surface which is negatively charged/ infected. It proves to be effective because of the proven principal – opposite charges attract. This enables the liquid to spread evenly on the surface thereby providing full coverage. This kind of coverage is only possible with the use of high-quality electrostatic sprayers. The use of brooms, mops and other types of sprayers does not prove beneficial in this regard.

Different kinds of viruses, pollutants and germs have become a threat to life in the current times. It is thus important for us to stop them from penetrating and spreading. Electrostatic sprayers can be a great tool to further this task. Several facilities are being cleaned with its use and the results are astounding. Not only has this process quickened and eased the cleaning process but has made these places germ and dirt free.

The demand for these sprayers is thus increasing by the day and as a result many brands have come up with various models of these equipments. However, not all of them prove to be as effective. Therefore, it is essential to do thorough market research, check online reviews and, if possible, take first hand feedback from the users before opting for a piece. You must also see to it that the disinfectant/cleaning spray you are using is compatible with the sprayer model you have opted for else the whole purpose will be defeated. You can check out zogics.com for more information about the use of this effective sprayer.