Here’s Your Perfect Guide to Ace Four Years of College

College is a terrifying time for a student. One moment you’re in the comfort of your hometown with your childhood buddies and the second, you’re at a foreign place with people you don’t know. It all can get a tad bit intimidating and as mentioned before, extremely terrifying. If you wish to have a smooth transition from high school to college, here are few tips for you to follow. The guideline we’re providing today is not only for high school students, beginning college it is also for current college students who are struggling to stay afloat with the immense pressure that college comes with.

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Prioritizing is the key in college. It is nothing like high school – the teachers are different, the course load is poles apart and last minute cramping wouldn’t work. With that said, it is important to have a proper plan set each day or rather at the beginning of each week. Not only would it aware you with what’s to come during the week, it will also provide you with a sense of direction and needless to say, will save you a lot of time.

The best way to plan your weeks in advance is by purchasing a functional planner. Now, by that we don’t mean those expensive leather planners, the planner should be functional and within your budget. If you don’t want to spend anything on it, that’s alright too – just print one yourself by fetching a template from Pinterest or any other site you find it on. With a planner in place, you will be able to write down all your assignments, society work, quizzes, presentations, etc. based on their deadlines leaving no room for last-minute surprises. The planner will draw up a rough schedule for each day which will enable you to make time for things that you otherwise thought won’t be able to.

Further, it is no brainer that college takes up our lives completely during the four years we’re there. It has classes, assignments and quizzes every other week which has to be juggled with social life or an internship. Looking it from a distance can be a little daunting which is why most students give in way before they should. Planning and subsequently, prioritizing tasks allows you to do so much more than you otherwise had anticipated. With everything in place, you will be unlikely to waste time on social media or even hanging out with friends as you’d know the important things that await you.

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College is much more about academics. It’s more like an experience which helps you get out of your shell and transform into an adult who is ready to take on the world. Now, this transition is not done over night. It’s an ongoing process which is a result of your interaction with others around you. The professors at college provide extra hours to their students. If you wish to discuss a lesson you didn’t understand or have vague ideas about the field or rather major you wish to choose, it is a great idea to take an appointment with them and discuss it. Not only will it help you clear out the ambiguities you might have, but it will also help you understand what’s expected of you and that way you can perform better.

Moreover, socializing outside class is a little difficult. Our advice is to take baby steps. Start off from your own dorms. The students living in the same accommodation as you might be feeling the same home sick blues like you are which is why it could be a great way to bond. Not only that, don’t shy away from striking up a conversation at the kitchen or even the lawn outside. You might be surprised with what the outcome is! With that, another great way to socialize and meet new people is by attending events on the campus. Try and look up what’s to come in the following days which you would enjoy and just show up! This way, you will not only enjoy yourself but will also meet like-minded people which could turn into life-long friendships!

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Be Healthy

College is a lot of work and needless to say, hard work. All of this can take a toll on your health which is why you must actively work towards leading a healthier life. Now, this does not in any way or form means that you start feeding yourself leaves, it means you make an effort to stay away from takeout food as much as you can. Junk food has the tendency to make you feel good and keep you full but at the cost of other health issues. Oily and friend food might momentarily fill you up and banish your craving but since it doesn’t have much nutrition to it, your body is not getting any substance from it. Not only will it lead to weight gain but will have long term repercussions on your body which we cannot afford!

Try to cook yourself and meal prep for the week. In this way not only would you be feeding your body the right things but you will also be saving tons of money. Further, try to get an exercise in each day or at least three days a week. Most colleges have gyms on campus and you must take full advantage of it. Try to take a friend with you and this way you will get your sweat in with the added advantage of hanging out with someone special. Working out will clear your mind and result in greater productivity with the most perfect consequence of getting a banger body.



As already mentioned, college is all about experiences. It’s the time when you’re young, smart and beautiful with absolutely no responsibilities at hand. Make the most of this time by truly enjoying yourself. Don’t burry yourself in books and assignments all the time and truly live your life to the fullest. Let websites like help you with all your essay help needs and allow you to enjoy guilt free!