Free Spins and Casino Deposit Bonuses – How Players Are Encouraged


Online casinos today do not have it so easy on the gambling market. First, the competition in the industry is vast. Secondly, new casinos keep coming. Therefore, encouraging new players and retaining customers for longer is not easy. It has led to the creation of special bonuses and promotions. In our article, we will check how players are encouraged to use casinos.

Gifts for new players

As we mentioned, the competition in the gambling industry is very high. Each player can choose from dozens or hundreds of casino sites. Since the casinos are global, the competition is also international. It has led to a situation where novice or experienced players first look at the gifts they will get at the beginning.

Welcome bonus


The casino must offer the most attractive bonus that will make the person want to create an account and deposit their first money at the casino. There are two types of deposit bonuses:

  • the first deposit: your task is to make one deposit and, on its basis, collect the prize – cash bonus, free spins. So just one deposit, just one prize bonus.
  • welcome pack: casinos offer bonuses on the first, second, third, or even fourth deposits. It allows you to get bonuses up to 300% or 400% to even a few thousand EUR and more free spins. Players see that the more they deposit, the more they earn, so they are willing to spend a lot of money.

Many novice players will want to choose the highest possible bonus for themselves. However, you need to remember that a high bonus also requires high deposits. If there is a bonus like +100% up to 1000 EUR, it means that claiming the 1000 EUR bonus requires you to deposit 1000 EUR as well. It increases the risk in the casino because you have to wager a bonus and deposit.

No deposit bonus


However, there is another option to earn bonuses as a new casino player. It’s called a no deposit bonus. It was created for those gamblers who do not want to deposit money at the casino on the first day. The rules are simple here. We enter the bonus code or use a special link, sign up at the casino and activate the account by e-mail or phone. Most of the time, that’s all you need to do! Then the casino gives the prize to the player’s account. It can be a small sum of money: from 5 to 25 EUR or free spins, from 5 to 50. You don’t have to deposit anything, so it’s a free reward for a new player. However, you must remember that most casinos only provide one bonus. So if you receive a no deposit bonus, you will not be able to take also regular deposit welcome bonus. So think about whether you prefer a big deposit bonus or a small no deposit bonus.

  Deposit Bonus No Deposit Bonus
For Who? New players New players
What to do? Sign in and deposit money Just sign in and activate account
What prize? Mostly cash bonus + free spins, up to a few thousand EUR, a few hundred FS Mostly small sums of money or free spins
Wagering The bigger the bonus, the harder it is to complete the task. Usually, bonus wagering requirements are high – x40, x50, x55
Risk Big, cause you need to bet your real money. No risk cause it’s free money or spins.

Reload bonus


On the one hand, it is not so easy to encourage players to the casino, and on the other hand, it is even more difficult to keep the customer at the site. Gamblers get bored easily, so they need to be stimulated and encouraged to keep playing. That is why there are additional promotions from the deposit: reload bonuses. This is a form of promotion that is very similar to welcome offers. The player’s task is to pay a certain amount to his casino account on a specific day. It could be a monday, friday, saturday or sunday. The casino then gives you some pretty big bonuses. It could be like +100% up to 700 EUR and 100 FS on a Gonzo’s Quest game. You can also find promotions where for a small deposit like 25-30 EUR, you can get 25-50 or even more free spins. Many casinos have regular promotions, so you can use them every week. This is what makes many people regularly visit the site, deposit money and place bets in games.

Why are free spins so important?


As you may have seen, many bonuses have free spins. They are like online coins which replace money in slots. So you place a bet, but you use play chips instead of money. This reduces the risk while allowing you to win more or less money. Every spin has its value. It can be 0,05, 0,10, 0,50 or more EUR. That’s why free spins are so popular and essential to players. Sometimes casinos offer them without a deposit, simply for logging in or participating in tournaments, lotteries, and VIP loyalty programs. Free spins can be used on online slots to win more free spins while playing with your chips! Most winnings from free spins need to be wagered at the casino. However, they sometimes go straight to the player’s account.


As you may have seen, online casinos encourage players to gamble in various ways. Some offer the biggest welcome bonuses with several thousand EUR and hundreds of free spins. Others, however, prefer smaller bonuses or even no deposit offers. They give players a greater chance to stay on the site for longer. It is much easier to wager a 100 EUR casino bonus than 1000! In addition, permanent or occasional deposit promotions encourage players to be more active and spend more money on bets. It shows that the casino must also be involved and like to share gifts with players. That’s why we have so many online ads and newsletters with casino offers.