9 Different Ingredients You Can Use to Decorate Pastries

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Decorating pastries can be exciting and full of fun, as there are a lot of ingredients to choose from. The ingredients may be a simple add-on when making pastries, but they also have other functions than this. These add important texture, flavor, and functional elements to the plating of the pastries. Moreover, these ingredients can add enjoyment to how you feel about the desserts. No matter how easy they are to use, ingredients often significantly impact the taste and decoration.

It needs a lot of patience and a keen eye for detail to decorate pastries. You can always be ready for any pastry challenge if you rely on the trusted food guides for Recipes.Net, so do check them out! There are tons of options to garnish your pastries, from buttercream to royal icing to isomalt. Hence, read on if you’re looking for pastry decorating toppings that you can use to make your cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts more beautiful and delicious.

1. Chocolate

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Undoubtedly, one of the most favorite ingredients to decorate pastries is chocolate. It’s very versatile because you can apply it in different ways, depending on your preference. You can mix it with cream to melt the ganache or use cocoa powder as a light dusting for your pastries. However, chocolate must be delicate so as not to overpower your dessert, and it must be accurately tempered to ensure a good sheen and crisp texture. In addition, if you’re melting chocolate, be sure to keep it on low heat and melt it gradually to prevent it from burning.

2. Fruits

For something refreshing and light, give your pastries a taste of summer. Fruits are one of the best choices to decorate some desserts. You may opt for various fruits, such as berries, dried raisins, lemon, orange, etc. There are many options to choose from that can be a perfect topping for your pastries. Also, you can theme your desserts with seasonal fruits, depending on the season you’re on. Just make sure that the fruits you add to your pastries are put at the last minute. Once the fruits are wet, this could make your cream topping or buttercream melt or move slightly.

3. Nuts

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Another perfect ingredient to decorate your pastries is nuts. Mixed nuts give your dessert a new look, so better include these when you’re decorating one. You can cover the whole thing with it from top to bottom or sprinkle some on top. Just a tip, match your nuts with the kind of pastry you’re making. Carrot cakes are best for walnuts, while sweet pecans work for chocolate cakes. Nuts are absolutely a treat and a good match for your pastries!

4. Isomalt

Most people who are not into baking or pastry art wouldn’t know what isomalt is. It is a sugar substitute made from beets used in sugar-free candy production or sugar art. In addition, it is a special type of sugar that can be cooked to the same temperature as caramel without losing its clarity. It makes it a popular choice among cake and pastry artists who want to take their creations a notch higher. Isomalt decorations can be a lot of fun, too. You can use it like regular sugar to create blown and pulled sugar or dust it with powdered food colors before baking.

5. Marshmallows

Whole or melted marshmallows are an easy way to turn your simple pastry into a masterpiece. You can melt them gently on low heat and pour over the top of your dessert, or pile them high. Use a non-stick pan if you opt if you want to melt marshmallows. Warm them gently and slowly, and don’t overcook them. Since marshmallows are reasonably priced in most supermarkets, they are an easy and accessible option for simple pastries.

6. Sprinkles

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If you don’t have much time to decorate pastries, sprinkles can be your lifesaver. You can easily find a lot of amazing treats to turn your desserts into a work of art. One of the most used ingredients is the multi-colored sugar sprinkles to make your pastry a colorful one. Nevertheless, theme your sprinkles for specific events, so it’ll be more presentable and eye-catching for everyone.

7. Meringue

Give meringue a try when decorating your pastries. Whip up some soft meringues with sugar and egg whites, then gently pipe or spoon onto your cake. If you like the classic, crispy meringue, you may brown the outside with a quick burst in the oven or blow torch. And in case it’s your first time making a meringue, you can cook it slowly in the oven on low heat and add it to your pastry as a topping.

8. Cream

Create a more indulgent pastry by topping it with freshly whipped cream. It’s a perfect base for fruits or chocolate, easy to work with, and can be piped or spread onto your dessert, depending on its thickness. Remember that cream is best kept cold in the refrigerator, and the fresher the cream is, the better. Thus, if you’re planning on making a pastry in advance, add the cream topping right at the last minute.

9. Edible Flowers

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Bring that spring vibe to your pastries by putting on edible flowers. These make your desserts look pretty as well as smell floral. Sprinkle petals over your buttercream, or tie bunches of flowers together and lie them around the edge of the pastry. Of course, you need to ensure that all the flowers you add are edible to prevent stomach aches.


Decorating pastries can be tiring at times, but also fulfilling. The masterpiece you create is something you can be proud of. Not everyone has the skill to do this, so it makes you happy to see your beautiful creation and appreciated by those who taste it.

If you want to know other ingredients to use in decorating pastries, check out those specified above. You have many choices available, so don’t be afraid to try them once in a while. Make your desserts more appealing and delectable with these ingredients, and enjoy them with your family or friends!