9 Ergonomic Furniture for Your Remote Work Setup

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If you are working from home because of this current pandemic, setting up an office with ergonomic furniture pieces will greatly help in keeping you comfortable. Unlike other items, these prevent injuries, strain, and improve your efficiency. According to some studies, practicing ergonomics in your workstation decreases the stress and anxiety that you may acquire while working.

This will also lessen the stress you feel, especially when you are just working at home. But to apply the proper ergonomics at your workplace, you must carefully choose and provide the necessary equipment and furniture. Some examples are a floating desk, comfortable ergonomic chair, and other stuff you can browse in Storables.com that you will need to achieve a comfy and well-organized workplace.

Here are the 9 ergonomic pieces of furniture you need for your remote work setup.

1. Prepac Designer Floating Desk and Hutch Set

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This floating desk will surely suit your established workplace, whether it is in the bedroom, living room, or anywhere else. The Prepac designer floating desk has a stable work surface that can perfectly fit your computer and other office items that you might need for work.

It also comes with a beautiful and stylish hutch set for additional storage for your things and other kinds of stuff. In addition, this product is equipped with Prepac’s innovative hanging rail system to make its installation a lot easier and faster yet maintains its sturdiness.

2. Vari Electric Standing Desk

This electric height adjustable standing desk was the CNET 2021 winner for the best standing desk. By using one of the most durable and commercial-grade qualities of steel available worldwide, this standing desk is built to last for decades. With its programmable height settings and a silent dual-motor system, adjusting the perfect height of this desk will surely be easy, fast, and one-touch away from your desired settings.

3. QIMO Wall-Mounted Desktop Wall-foldable Desk

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The QIMO Wall-foldable desk is a space-saving option if you have limited space in your newly established workstation. But more than that, this item has many more advantages than you ever think. Made with high-quality MDF material to withstand a large amount of weight, it is sturdy enough to tolerate your everyday work without worrying about accidental dismounting. If you’re looking for additional space-saving solutions, consider incorporating a loft style here, as it can also save up some space. It also comes with a simple yet elegant design to compliment your choice of style and mood to make your working experience more comfortable and less stressful.

4. X² Chair K-Sport Mgmt Chair

When it comes to comfortability, the X² Chair K-Sport Mgmt Chair will never let you down. With its Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) support that will automatically adjust to your lower back as soon as you move, back pain will be almost impossible even if you use this product for a long period.

It also comes with SciFloat Infinite Recline technology to help you lean back and up whenever you need to stretch out between your working hours. The headrest and armrest of this chair are perfectly built to give the maximum comfort, suitable for every hardworking person out there.

5. Branch Ergonomic Chair

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Have a tight budget, but you cannot compromise comfort? The Branch Ergonomic Chair might be the best choice for you. A heavy-duty and adjustable office chair that comes with a cheaper price tag. It has a feature where you can easily adjust the height and width of the armrest that suits your preferred comfort.

The back of this office chair is made of mesh to make it more breathable and cool, especially in summer. What is interesting about this chair is that it also has a 7-year warranty, so having one of these is sure worth its price.

6. Cushion Lab Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

It is not an item of furniture but an accessory to make every chair comfortable and ergonomic. With the Cushion Lab Pressure Relief Seat Cushion, you can now enjoy sitting for a long period of hours without noticing it. These cushions are scientifically made and tested to help relieve sitting and hip pressure by correcting your sitting posture. Equipped with memory foam made of extra-dense charcoal to make it odor-resistant, this accessory is a perfect pair for your chair to achieve ergonomic comfort.

7. Soundance Laptop Stand

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A best-seller on Amazon.com, the Soundance Laptop Stand is made of the finest aluminum alloy, specifically used to support your laptop’s weight and make it less wobbly. The slim and compact stand that elevates the laptop to the perfect eye level helps its users to reduce neck and shoulder pain while using their computer for a long time.

In addition, the stand is detachable, yet you can still easily re-assemble it anytime you want to use it again without using any tools. This lightweight laptop stand proves its portability, ergonomic design, and stylish features all in one product.

8. Rain Design Mbar Pro+ Portable Laptop Stand

Another laptop stand on the list but now with a minimalistic style is the Rain Design Mbar Pro+ Portable Laptop Stand. While it is made of thin aluminum metal, this laptop stand is incredibly sturdy and reliable. Experts have designed it to let you work on your laptop more comfortably, allowing you to focus for a very long time. It is slim and lightweight, making it very portable, so you can work anytime and anywhere you prefer.

9. Herman OE1 Storage Trolleys

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This magnificent product provides us with personal storage with a modern and minimalistic style that can be used in your office or your home. A Storage that is literally on the go, this trolley can easily move to any part of your workspace and adjust to your own working needs and style.

Final Thoughts

Putting up a workspace outside of your office seems like an easy task to do. But creating a comfortable and ergonomically balanced work setup may be more challenging, especially when you do not have the right equipment and furniture. The list above may hopefully help you come up with a good idea of what furniture you would need and suit your work aesthetics.