Decoration Ideas For Your Tea Table

When you have guests at tea time, it is normal to want to impress them. However, there are many ways to make sharing tea a unique and memorable moment, from the chosen tea itself to the decoration of your tea table.

However, before discussing the decoration that will accompany your tea table, we must discuss the essential elements of the evening, the tableware. You can have the best decoration, but your tableware must accompany these accessories so that your tea table will shine.

Tableware for Your Tea Table

Tableware for Your Tea Table

​​The centerpiece of the tea table will be the set of cups, of course, but there are many other essential items. These are some of the ones you should have:


It will cover the table, decorating it and protecting it from possible stains or scratches. On top of the tablecloth can be napkins that match it so that there is a synchrony of colors, textures, and patterns. But it is essential to make sure that what stands out is the set of cups, which is why a plain tablecloth is recommended.


They should be resting on small plates to prevent the tea from spilling on the tablecloth and to have a place to rest the spoon.


Putting other plates and cutlery for the desserts accompanying the moment is important. In addition, you should remember the teapot, the milk jug, the sugar bowl, and a filter to remove the remains of tea from the cup.

If you still need to get tea crockery and are considering buying it, it is important to know that although there are different materials: iron, glass, clay, etc. The best option, however, will always be porcelain. This is because the best container for wine is crystal glass, and the best container for tea is porcelain.

Decorations That Can’t Be Missing in Your Tea Table”


Taking a moment to decorate the table can turn a regular moment into a very special one. Tea can be part of many celebrations, from get-togethers with friends and birthdays to baby showers.

On each occasion, the decoration will have a different touch, so here are some ideas that should be noticed on any occasion.



Certain decorative elements show that you have put a lot of love into setting up your table. Take the opportunity to show off by completing spaces with candles that will give your table warmth, brightness, and aromas generating an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

The world of candles is exciting and even a beautiful handwork. Painting your own candles and customizing them to match your tea set could create the perfect ambiance you want to achieve.



Another decoration par excellence is the flowers. They will bring life, color, and aroma. You can use flowers such as roses and lilies to give elegance to your table or gerberas and sunflowers to bring joy.

Even if you can put together your bouquet with wildflowers, you will have an economical, rustic, and beautifying centerpiece.

In addition, you can play and create centerpieces with a combination of candles and flowers.

How to Organize a Perfect Tea Table

There is a protocol and arrangement at the table that is important to respect, which can be easily done by following the next steps:

  1. Place the cup on the small plate in front of each guest.
  2. On the right side, place the spoon that will be necessary to stir the tea.
  3. Next to the spoon, a small glass of water is a detail that the guests will appreciate.
  4. If there is a dessert plate, it should be placed on the left side. Always keep in mind to put it on the table already cut into small pieces to facilitate the way to eat it.
  5. The spoon, fork, and whatever is available for serving desserts will be placed in front of the cup.

Everything of common use, such as the teapot, the box with the tea, the tea pitcher, and the sugar, can be placed in the center of the table using your imagination and creativity.

Try to place everything so that it is in harmony with the decorations you have chosen. Always ensure that the utensils are within reach of everyone at the table.

Delicacies to Accompany Your Tea

The decoration ideas for your tea table are essential, but they are only some. A tea party will be the same as the food.

Tea is a very versatile drink since it can be taken in different contexts and different ways: in summer, in winter, cold, hot, sweet, bitter, as a snack, as a digestive, and even has different ways to accompany it. Here are some ideas:


You can always remember the classics. That’s why salty croissants are always a good option. The ease of eating them without staining and the possibility of getting them anywhere make them a key product to share with a good cup of tea.

England is known for its tea time, as they are pioneers in this tradition and we can imitate the way they choose to accompany it. Scones are delicious and easy to prepare. There are also different types and sweet and savory alternatives.



For those with a sweet tooth, there are also several alternatives. For example, suppose we choose to accompany the infusion with a cake. In that case, we will have many options: chocolate, orange, lemon, and vanilla, among many others, and of course, several ways to decorate them.

Another delight for an afternoon snack, after-dinner snack, or breakfast is cinnamon rolls. An excellent option is to present them with a whipped cream topping.

Apple Strudel is an excellent choice if you are looking for a slightly healthier but no less delicious option. This typical dessert of German culture, based on puff pastry dough, apple compote, and cinnamon, is a simple way to dazzle you.

Presumably, the table will be composed of people who prefer savory and sweet. Therefore, you can prepare the appetizer of each type you like the most and let people choose.


You have no more excuses! You already know everything you must consider to create a super special space to share tea with your partner, family, friends, co-workers, or whoever you want to delight.

Tea and food are always good excuses to share. However, putting dedication into your tea table decorating ideas is a way to show appreciation for those around you.