8 Common Obstacles in Writing Research Papers

Writing a research paper is not always an easy task. Students undertaking the task for the first time may find it difficult to overcome some obstacles that come with it.

According to the thesisrush.com, undergraduates tend to experience either external or internal limitations when writing their research paper. In this article, we have compiled the eight most common obstacles students face while writing a research paper.

8 Most Common Obstacles Students Face While Writing A Research Paper

1. Problem Of Choosing A Topic

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Anyone writing a research paper will encounter this problem first. It is a fundamental step of research writing, as there is a need to overcome it before anything else. Choosing a befitting topic for your research can be a problem until you consider factors like; Is it a topic of interest? Do you have adequate knowledge on the topic? Do you have available resources needed for writing on such a topic?

If you consider the above factors critically, choosing a topic will not be a problem. Once you have been able to overcome this block, other challenges are going to be a flash in the pan for you.

2. Problem Of Choosing The Right Methodology

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Choosing the right methodology for your research writing can be a tough challenge. The methodology is not just picked by preference but by analyzing the procedure, you will be using in your research writing. You need to come up with research questions first. Furthermore, you need to proffer a suitable answer to the questions.

The answers given to the research questions are going to be your guide for the research methodology. The need for either a qualitative or quantitative research methodology depends on your research questions.

3. Qualitative Time For Your Research Analysis

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One major problem undergraduates faces when writing their research paper is the problem of time. Many find it difficult to devote their time to carrying out qualitative research before writing because most students share their time between academics, family, and work.

Writing a research paper requires a lot of time and demand for a lot of attention. Ensure you create a specific time for your research writing in your daily routine. It will aid your concentration and the quality of your research.

4. Problem Of Data Collection

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Collection of data can be a big obstacle especially for research dealing with primary data. The process of accessing data from the source sometimes takes time. You might have to request permission from the organization involved. At times, there may be a delay before such organizations give permission or even deny you the request.

You must, therefore, ensure that your data for the research writing is accessible. Also, you must get in touch with the appropriate quarters seeking for permission as early as possible.

5. Problem Of Creating A Compelling Argument

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Writing a good research paper requires you to prove your level of understanding on the topic. This aim can be done by the relevant argument you put up in the course of the writing. Your argument must be relevant and not baseless. You must support it with proofs and facts from reliable sources to make it solid.

Visit the library and update your knowledge on the chosen topic. Read books, journals, and previous research on similar topics. You can also get more information through the internet to broaden your knowledge.

6. Making Use Of The Right Tone Of Voice

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Like any other book, a research paper is written to communicate a particular message to the reader. As such, there is the right usage of tone when writing a research paper. As an academic paper, the right tone to be used for a research paper is a third-person voice. You must avoid the use of words like I, Me, You, and Yours.

Also, colloquial words and slang should be strictly avoided. Every word used must be official and suitable for academic writing. Likewise, terminologies and jargons should be minimal.

7. Problem Of Staying Motivated

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Writing a research paper, in the long run can become a boring activity, especially when dealing with a wide topic. Therefore, maintaining your focus on writing can be a challenge. A student tends to face a lot of distractions like family, friends, social activities, and other personal commitments.

However, it is possible to stay motivated while writing your research paper when certain things are done. You must ensure the topic chosen is an area of interest. The passion for such a topic can serve as your drive while writing.  Ensure you reward yourself after finishing a task. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

8. Problem Of Editing and Proofreading Of The Research Paper

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This common obstacle is faced by every student when writing a research paper. You must ensure your writing is top-notch and void of the error to get an A in your research work. As such, thorough editing and proofreading must be carried out. Most times, even after reading several times, you may not be able to identify what is wrong with your write up.

As a result, it is advisable you seek the help of a third party in editing and proofreading of your writing. It can be a friend, a colleague, or an associate. Also, there are professional writers, both online and offline, that can help with such services.


Writing a top-notch research paper is possible when all of the above obstacles are removed. Overcoming them will require the students’ effort and diligence.