Andrea Lowe Net Worth 2024

Andrea Lowe is an actress who comes from England. She became famous after she appeared in films like Route Irish and DCI Banks. If you want to know more about this beautiful and talented actress, as well as what is her current net worth in this 2019 year, hen we suggest that you keep on reading our article.


Andrea Lowe’s zodiac sign is Taurus, as she was born on May 1, 1975. Lowe was born in Arnold, a place located in Nottingham-shire, found in England, in the United Kingdom. There are little known facts about Andrea’s family, as Lowe never really talked about them much. We don’t know their names, age, and we also don’t hold any information about her sibling’s situation. We aren’t sure if Andrea Lowe is a single child, or if she has any siblings.

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What we do know is that her parents were very supportive of her. When Lowe showed her talent and acting skills at a very young age, her parents were impressed, and they gave her the green light to go and start to look for an acting role that would suit her best for her age. Lowe’s acting beginnings are going back to a theater career.

Lowe went to Sheffield’s Crucible Theather, and her debut role was in The Birthday Party, a play by Harold Pinter. Samantha Morton, a fellow English actress, was competing with Lowe, in addition to other girls, who auditioned for a part in the movie titled The Token King. That was back in 2003, and at the end, Andrea Lowe got the part. That was the first time she made an appearance in a television movie, or more accurately, in a musical.

Regarding her education, we also don’t hold any information about that either. Until Andrea Lowe decided to share such kind of data with the public, like her educational background, as well as her family status, we won’t be able to provide you with such facts.

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Despite the fact that she got the role in the musical titled The Token Kind, Andrea Lowe was more interested in theater, and she concentrated more on getting the roles that were in the stage play. She was on stage for seven years until she finally made the second appearance on television. In 2000 Lowe got the role in Nature Boy, a television series and another one in The Sleeper. Other moves and projects that Lowe was a part of include Threesome, a short movie, and Pandemonium.

When it comes to television series appearance, Andrea Lowe was quite successful on that field back in the day. Lowe portrayed Melanie Woods in Rescue Me, a TV show that aired in 2002, The Innocent Project was a TV show in which Lowe played a character named Philippa Lucas, and in 2006 Lowe was in the shoes of a character called Zoe Phelps. The TV show was titled Where the Heart is. In addition to this, she was also a guest on several TV series like A Thing Called Love, Hotel Babylon, Cracker and Casualty.


The role that rose her to prominence was a role in DCI Banks. The actress got to portray Detective Sergeant Annie Cabot. DCI Banks is a British television series in the crime-drama genre, and her performance was exquisite. The series aired from 2010 to 2016, and for those six years, Lowe showcased her incredible talent. The role got her even bigger parts in the future, and some could say that Detective Sergeant Annie Cabot was the part that brought her worldwide attention. The series itself was a significant success.

DCI Banks was based on a novel titled Inspector Alan Banks, and it was written by Peter Robinson. The TV show received many nominations and awards, like during the Royal Television Society Yorkshire Program Awards, where they snatched the prize in the category drama.
Andrea Lowe is currently working on a play titled How The Other Half Loves.

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Personal Life

Andrea Lowe and Terry Betts are dating since 2009, and in 2012 the two got their first baby. Lowe is very secretive about her life, and she didn’t even share her baby’s name to the public. They have two children together, and although they still haven’t married each other, they are more than happy with their lives, and the couple plan to be happy for as long as they can.

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Andrea Lowe Net Worth 2024

Andrea Lowe’s approximated net worth in 2024 is around $3 million.