Alexandra Grant Net Worth 2024

Many of you are maybe wondering who is Alexandra Grant, or better yet, who is Keanu Reeves dating. Alexandra Grant reached the public spotlight even more so recently when she appeared on a red carpet event side by side with Keanu Reeves, the American actor.

But there isn’t much information about her. Only after she was seen with the famous actor people started questioning who exactly is she and what does she do for a living. In our article today, we are going to cover such questions and more, so stay with us until the end.


Alexandra Grant was born in 1973, but the exact date of birth is currently unknown. She was born in Fairview Park, which is located in Ohio, in the United States of America. Both her father and mother were traveling scholars, and Alexandra has a sister named Florence.

Unfortunately, her scholar’s parents got divorced, and Alexandra went on to live with her mother in New Mexico. There is where she went to a British school, and she was also present at boarding school titled St. Louis, located in Missouri. She spent a year there, and afterward, the artist went on to live with her mother in France. She attended International School located in Paris, France, and she obtained there Bachelor of Arts degree from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. From California College of Arts, Grant got her Master of Art degree.

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Alexandra Grant is a visual artist, and her first exhibition as a solo artist was in 2007. Her exhibit was presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art, located in Los Angeles, California. Her work revolves around collaboration with many artists, writers, philosophers, and linguists. Grant uses manuscript and concepts that are presented to her by many artists like Keanu Reeves, Michael Joyce, a writer, Channing Hanses, a fellow artist, and a philosopher Helene Cixous. Since her sister Florence is a writer as well as an editor, she is often collaborating with her as well. Their common exhibit was displayed at The Archer School for Girls, which is found in Los Angeles, California.

So far, her work and art have been displayed throughout the United States of America. In addition to her artwork being exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, many had the opportunity to look upon her art at Lowell Ryan Projects, Honor Fraser gallery as well as the Night Gallery.

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Other projects

Besides being a visual artist, Alexandra Grant is also a professor, as well as a mentor working in art workshops in the entire world. She was a part of the Art Center College of Design in California for two years, from 2009 to 2011. She served as a mentor at seminars at Cal State Northridge, Pacific Northwest College of Art’s Distance, Ashesi Unversity in Accra, located in Ghana and Syracuse University.

The visual artist also served as a director when she worked on a documentary called Taking Lena Home. She is a writer too, and with the help of her current boyfriend Keanu Reeves, they managed to create and publish Ode to Happiness and Shadows.

Personal life

Before they started dating, they were amazing friends. We mentioned before how the visual artist used text and ideas from various artists, and Keanu Reeves was one of them. The reason why the visual artist is the hot subject these days is that the American actor has always been hiding his personal life. When the two appeared very much in love during LACMA Art + Film Gala; this caught eyes to everybody, and everyone wanted the details about her and their relationship.

The happy couple has established a company titled X Artist’s Books, and they probably fell in love with each other while working together. The visual artist is also a philanthropist, and she established a grantLOVE project that helps artists to create their work. They later donate to charity and non-profit businesses.

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Alexandra Grant Net Worth 2024

Alexandra Grant is a visual artist, a director, professor, mentor, writer, and philanthropist, among other things. She has been thriving since 2007 when her first exhibit was displayed. We all know that being an artist won’t bring you a massive fortune, but for an artist that is not the main focus in their lives. As of 2024, Alexandra Grant’s net worth is around $1 million.