6 Advantages of Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Motorcycle accidents are very real and very dangerous. Almost 5,000 people die every single year from accidents involving a motorcycle. This number might not be enough to raise eyebrows, but anyone who’s on a motorcycle risks their life every single day.

Like we said, accidents happen and it could involve any number of people. Almost 8 million people end up injured from motorcycle accidents, with many being left in serious conditions.

If you happen to be in one and hopefully make a full recovery, then you need to get in touch with a motorcycle accident attorney. Why is that? Well, that’s what we’ll be talking about in this article so don’t go anywhere.

1. Compensation For Damages

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It’s safe to say that a police investigation takes place whenever an accident happens. It doesn’t matter who did what, police will come and do a thorough investigation.

When in the midst of an ongoing investigation, getting in touch with a motorcycle accident attorney will drastically help you. After the police have finished the investigation, you’ll likely want to be compensated for damages sustained from the other party.

If so, then doing it on your own doesn’t give you the best chances of success. Hiring an attorney, on the other hand, does and we’ll tell you why.

When an accident happens the vehicles involved will end up sustaining damages. If a motorcycle collides with a car, then it’s far too likely that the motorcycle sustained bigger damages.

The opposite party’s insurance company will do everything in their power to avoid paying you. But if you have an attorney by your side, you can easily avoid these headaches and up getting paid what you’re owed. Not only will the attorney calculate the exact cost that needs to be paid out, but they’ll also fight for it.

2. Help You File the Claim

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Filing a claim on your own isn’t the preferred way to go. That’s because insurance companies have lots of safety measures in place that prevent you from ultimately doing it.

These are huge companies will thousands of employees and hundreds of lawyers on their books. That means that filing a claim is rather tricky.

The right way to do it is to hire an attorney and have him do it for you. This person will be experienced in such matters and can easily navigate through the tricks and traps placed along the road.

Also, by doing it the right way you make sure that you get paid what you’re owed.

3. Get Legal Assistance

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People pay a lot of money for legal assistance or for someone to give legal advice. An attorney is a person that can do both while working for you. Instead of paying for advice, you will be paying for the full service.

Hiring this person will make sure you get all the legal assistance needed to overcome this obstacle and make it on top. Also, doing it on your means navigating the legal system on your own. And if there is anything that could get a man confused is the legal system.

Chances are you won’t know where to start. But for a few thousand dollars you could hire an attorney, such as folgerlaw.com, that will be there with you when injured in a motorcycle accident.

This person will guide you throughout the process and explain everything that needs explaining.

4. Keep You Up To Date

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If you end up sustaining severe injuries that will keep you in the hospital for some time, then you’ll need someone to take care of your case.

Doing it on your own will not only be a safety risk, but it’s also impossible if you’re stuck at the hospital.

Hiring an attorney, on the other hand, is the way to do it. Not only are you hiring a person that will fight tooth and nail for your case, but they have the necessary experience and knowledge to win your case.

Unlike yourself, this person is void of personal feelings and emotions and only sees the end goal for what it is; winning. Getting caught up in emotions is the easiest way to lose control, and the jury knows that.

A motorcycle accident attorney will fight for your case while also keeping you updated on all things. It’s also pretty common for people to feel anxious about the outcome of the case, and that only leads to stress.

Hiring an attorney will help ease the anxiety and stress by giving you a real picture of the likely outcome. With a lawyer on your side, you’ll never be in the dark and always in the light.

5. Help You Negotiate A Settlement

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It’s safe to say that some cases are drastically more severe than others. Some cases involve personal injury, and that racks up the numbers by a lot.

That means that sustaining a personal injury will allow you to get a bigger settlement. But the insurance companies don’t see it as anything else but another case to fight off.

So, they’ll fight you with fierce resistance and do everything they can to lower the amount. Having a lawyer by your side will make sure that they don’t succeed.

In the case of needing a bigger settlement, an attorney will be there to dictate and negotiate on your behalf. Each victim deserves what they’re owed, while insurance companies undermine it by drastically lowering the number.

Don’t be a victim of these corporate practices and always hire an attorney.

6. Representation in Court

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We somewhat mentioned this but no one wants to go to court alone. Some people hire attorneys and lawyers only just so they don’t have to go alone in court.

For many people, this can be a very stressful experience. If so, then you’ll need to have someone by your side that’s done this countless times. Having a calming present and someone that can ease the tension is worth paying for. Not to mention that this person gives you the best chance of success.