Motorcycle Accident Law: 3 Things You Should Do to Strengthen Your Case


The process of seeking compensation for one’s motorcycle accident injuries can be more complicated than an ordinary car accident. However, there are some ways you can do to strengthen your case. However, according to the Crockett Law Group, there are some ways you can do to strengthen your case.

Here are 3 things you can do when applying for protection under a motorcycle accident law.

1. Do Not Leave the Accident Scene without Taking Enough Evidence with You

Source: First Light Law

One of the mistakes of many victims of motorcycle accidents is that they do not get to preserve any of the evidence of the accident. This is quite understandable since the main concern of people who may respond to the accident is the safety of the victim. They will call the emergency medical service or law enforcement units. Some bystanders and Good Samaritans may also take it upon themselves to transport the victim to the nearest hospital.

If you were traveling with someone else and that person was not hurt in the accident, you can ask him or her to obtain important pieces of information about the accident. Take photographs of the accident scene. These should include the position of the vehicle and the motorcycle relative to each other. One should also take photographic evidence of the different injuries that you may have sustained.

It would also be wise to ask for the contact information of anyone in the accident scene who has witnessed the accident. Ask for their names and contact details. You can use these bits of information in gathering more pieces of information for your case. Always ask for consent if they can serve as your witness.

Don’t forget to take the name and contact information of the other party involved in the motorcycle accident. If it was a motorist, it would be ideal to get the registration number of the vehicle.

Check the different establishments within the area of the accident scene. There are establishments that have closed-circuit security cameras that may have recorded the accident. You can ask for a copy of the video footage.

It is also crucial to report the accident to law enforcement units.

2. Seek Medical Attention at Once


Once you are done collecting pieces of evidence at the accident scene, you can go to the nearest hospital to seek treatment for your injuries. Again, you can have someone you trust to gather other pieces of information while you are on your way to the emergency department.

It is important to recognize that there are injuries that may not be evident from the outside. You will have to undergo a series of diagnostic tests to make sure that there are no fractured bones or dislocated joints. Tests are also crucial in determining whether you have internal injuries or not.

These tests and assessment findings can also serve as important pieces of evidence for the building of your case. One of the things that an insurance adjuster will try to undermine is the relationship of the accident with your injuries. He may say that you got your injuries from another accident. The timing of the tests will put your injuries within the accident time frame.

Keep a copy of your medical record. This should include your doctor’s assessments, diagnosis, and plan of care. If there are receipts and other documents, keep these as well. These are all important pieces of information that can help you in building a solid motorcycle accident lawsuit.

3. Get in Touch with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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The insurance adjuster of the other party may get in touch with you. While you can always communicate with them like any other human being, you should never communicate anything that pertains to the accident. Their job is to limit their liability so they won’t have to pay more than what they think is necessary.

Your best move is to contact a motorcycle accident attorney. Choose one who has extensive experience handling similar cases. You can trust to help you communicate with the other party’s insurance adjuster. They are knowledgeable about the different tactics that insurers use to undermine the credibility of the plaintiff.

These are three things you can take to strengthen your motorcycle accident case. Gather as much evidence as you can before you seek medical attention. Getting the services of a trustworthy motorcycle accident lawyer like Aronberg Law will help ensure a smoother process.