Zayn Malik Net Worth 2024

He is an outstanding performer, handsome, famous, and multitalented artist. The audience met him for the first time through the “The X Factor” musical contest program. Although he was not the winner of this television show, he built an incredible music career worldwide. Stay tuned and find out more about the background and lifestyle of a young celebrity.

Early Life

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Zayn Malik’s birth date was on the 12th of January 1993 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. He has mixed roots as his father, Yaser Malik, is coming from Pakistan, and his mother, Tricia Brannan Malik, is coming from Ireland. His mum converted Christian religion to Islam when she got married.

Young celebrity was chasing his elementary education at the “Tong High School” and “Lower Fields Primary School” located in Bradford. While he was growing up, he was a fan of various genres of music, from pop and R&B to Bollywood music. Yaser was his support in discovering a passion for rap music. During his school days, he had a chance to perform for the first time on stage.

Jay Sean, a famous rapper, attended this event, and his presence is considered as the most valuable memory of the life of a young star.


2010 was the year of the early start of the career of this young man. He was a part of the TV show “The X Factor,” and this is how the world met him. Even though he did not win, he showed his singing and dancing talent, and it is evident that the bright future smiles at him. Four more candidates did not make it to the final of the show, so by the suggestion of Nicole Scherzinger, who was one the judges in the show, young boys created a group and named it “One Direction.”

The band became super popular in a short period. Together, they signed a valuable contract with two record labels with an excellent reputation, “Syco Records” and “Columbia Records.” In 2011, they brought out their first album “Up All Night,” and the following year, another one “Take Me Home.” Both albums were accepted very well by the audience. The later band “One Direction” split and famous artist carried on with a solo career as the rest of the band members.

As a solo artist, he had cooperation with British record producer Naughty Boy for a couple of songs which were brought out on the music website “SoundCloud.” He became popular as a solo performer by songs “I Won’t Mind” and “No Type.” Soon his album was out and got phenomenal critics and acceptance from the audience.

In 2016 he was making songs with big names like Chris Brown and Usher.

Personal Life

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Young celebrity was for a while in a relationship with singer from the band “Little Mix,” and they got engaged in 2013. Unfortunately, the famous couple broke up in 2015. Currently, the musician is seeing Gigi Hadid.

Zayn Malik Net Worth 2024

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As of March 2024, Zayn Malik has an estimated net worth of approximately $70 million. Most of his fortune is coming from his music career and the rest of it from brand agreements. The pop artist currently lives in London in his luxurious home worth $2.8 million.

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