Rafathar Malik Ahmad Net Worth 2024

Talking of children who were born “under the lucky star” and especially the one who starts their careers as soon as they see the world is not often subject. These babies are exceptional, and the one that we will introduce is one of the top celebrity babies in Indonesia and well known worldwide. Find out more about this junior star following the article below – Rafathar Malik Ahmad’s background and current life.

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Life and Career

Rafathar Malik Ahmad’s birth date was on the 15th of August 2015. He is globally known as a Family Member, and he is listed in the group of the most famous people born on this date in the world. His birthplace is Jakarta, Indonesia, in the sign star of Leo. This child is coming from ultimately famous parents in Indonesia. Their names are Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, and they are both actors. Besides, his auntie is coming from an acting background as well, so we can predict he will inherit this talent. Rafi and Nagita were friends from childhood.

They crowned their love on the 17th of October 2014, and their wedding ceremony and entire celebration were absolutely spectacular. It lasted for several days on three different locations – Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali. The traditional part happened in Jakarta as a marriage ceremony and reception. Later, the celebration was happening in Bali until Ngunduh Mantu started broadcasting this event in Bandung on national televisions, which was followed by the audience for another few days. Pretty sensational.

The following year, they got little Rafathar, and his name is very meaningful to the young couple. His name is Arab and it means “first child elevated in rank.” His second name Malik was given after babies grandfather, and it means “ruling king.” Famous baby’s parents are not only good at acting. They have bigger ambitions so they created private business too, related to food industry, fashion line, cosmetic products, even furnishings.

They are dedicated to this call and trying to build a business empire based on great strategic plans and management. Besides all, the famous Raffi senior has one more project – to open a playground which is going to have a name after his son “Rafathar PlayPark.” This young and ambitious couple opened an Instagram profile for their little prince, rafatarmalikahmad_1717 and very soon, it got an army of followers. So far, it counts almost 70K people who follow him growing up and details from their life.

Since he was born, he was practically involved in the filmography. He is already an actor. He participated in a few TV shows like Rumah, Mama Amy, Janji Suci, Mamaku Hits, Pesbukers, and Rumah Seleb. So far, his biggest role was in the movie called Rafathar The Movie, where he plays himself.

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Rafathar Malik Ahmad Net Worth 2024

It is well-known, locally in Indonesia and worldwide that young boy Rafathar is one of the wealthiest baby celebrities in Indonesia. However, it is not yet published his precise earnings so far. As of 2024, his parents have an estimated net worth of almost 1$ million.