xChocoBars Net Worth 2024

xChocoBars is a Canadian Twitch streamer, she managed to garner success in an industry that’s mostly occupied by men. Up until now, she has shown us that she deserves all the attention she is getting with her outspoken but reserved personality. She has already become one of the best streamers on Twitch, which is a streaming platform for video games, podcasts and other things.

She is known for streaming games like Hearthstone, League of Legends, PUBG, Stardew Valley and many others. She is also in the habit of having giveaways of those exact games, she shares them with her very dedicated viewers.

If you want to learn more about xChocoBars and her life then you should definitely continue reading this article.

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Early age

She is mostly known for her online name and persona “xChocoBars”, but her real name is Janet Rose and she was born in Toronto, Canada on November 5th, 1994. As already mentioned online she has a very outspoken personality, but she is very reserved about her personal life, especially when it comes to her family. Even now we don’t know the names of her parents, or if she has any siblings.

Just like information about her family, we don’t really have much to go on about her early life and childhood. According to sources, Janet Rose started attending a college, we don’t know which one, but ended up abandoning it to focus on her streaming career, which definitely proved to be the right choice.

One thing she did decide to share about her personal life is that in 2017 her father had to go under a serious surgery in China, but everything went fine and her father was in a good condition.

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The start of her online career was way back in 2013, that’s when she created her YouTube channel called “xChocoBars” and shortly after that, she released her first video titled “what the #@!# is going on”, so far it has garnered around 6.6k views.

Since then her career direction has changed a bit and she has moved from YouTube to Twitch, where she streams games, mostly League of Legends, on her channel called “xChocoBars”. One thing we have seen, besides her playing games, is her skill in online networking and how skilled she is at promoting her channel and thus increasing the number of followers and subscribers she has.

Right now her channel has around 400,000 followers and a bit more than 12 million video views. On Twitch everything you stream gets saved so that fans can watch it later on if they don’t catch her online.

People don’t just follow her because of her cute and interesting personality, she is also very good at the games she plays. In 2018 she managed to get into the diamond division in League of Legends. All that fame and popularity has managed to bring her a brand deal, one from a subscription service in Tokyo, called Tokyo Japan Crate. Every month she gets a crate full of Japanese candy, snacks and drink, which she, of course, shares with her Twitch viewers.


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Love Life

Right now Janet has a boyfriend called Jeremy Wang. They have been together since 2018. He is a YouTuber, who goes by the name of “Disguised Toast”. He is mostly known for playing Hearthstone.

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xChocoBars Net Worth 2024

Right now she is thought to have a net worth of around $500,000. Most of that money was made through her Twitch streaming job and the deals she has managed to get thanks to her popularity.