10 Cool Birthday Gifts for League of Legends Fans in 2024

Is your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, or relative a huge League of Legends fan? Is his or her birthday coming soon? Well, then you have a problem.

These people do not like to get the “basic” gifts. We do not need to judge them, but they have different tastes. League of Legends is not only a game for them; it is a way of life. You will probably get a smile from them and a basic “Thank You” phrase that you always hear when giving a present to someone. Yet, will that gift be valuable for them?

So, we are here to explain a couple of things to you. The perfect gift for the LoL player needs to somehow be associated with this online game. That’s why we want to highlight 10 gifts that would be a perfect choice for this group of people. Despite these gifts here is another gift which they like the most is league of legends boosting (provided by Elo Boosters) by which they can increase the rank of their players.

1. New Piece of Equipment

Source: eBay

Okay, let’s start with a basic gift that each LoL fun would want to get. They spend too much time in front of their computer. This means that they need to feel comfortable while playing this game. You don’t have to buy a completely new computer for him. Besides, that gift can be a lot expensive. However, buying a new keyboard or mouse is something that would surprise the LoL fan. Try out to research which pieces of equipment are perfect for gamers in general.

2. League of Legends 10pcs Character Weapons

The gamers are peaceful people and they won’t be satisfied if the toy weapon that they get is not somehow associated with LoL. Well, this tool would have a huge meaning for them. These weapon recreations are usually made from alloy. Their length is around 10cm. We suggest you buy a complete package of LoL 10pcs character weapon. It will be some sort of collection for them.

3. League of Legends Wristbands

Source: dhresource.com

These wristbands are some sort of mark that you are a big fan of LoL. Fortunately, you can find them in 5 different colors for 5 main roles in the game. Those colors are – orange, purple, green, blue, and red. This is a bit more personal gift for players. In this way, they can show which role they are most supportive of.

4. “Eat – Sleep – LoL” T-Shirt

Source: Artistshot

As we said, Lol is not just a game – it is a way of life. These people truly do these three things during the entire day. We are sure that they would be happy to show their daily routine with the rest of the world. Do not hesitate to buy this gift even if the birthday of the player is during the winter. LoL is their passion and they won’t stop playing it until the summer comes.

5. Map of Valoran Print

Source: Amazon

Spend some time in the room of the gamer while he is playing the game. He probably won’t even notice that you are there because he is too focused on winning. Anyway, check if the walls of his room are empty. If that’s the case, then you can easily buy a map of Valoran print. It is a perfect LoL map that would be a perfect decoration for room walls.

6. LoL Backpack

Source: League of Legends

Well, we do not know how old the person that you want to surprise is. Actually, it doesn’t matter. You will be able to find different backpack designs that are perfect for different things.

For example, there is a print drawstring backpack that would be a perfect choice if the player is a big fan of the gym as well. However, if the player is still young and goes to school, then you should rather pick a cartoon style Annie Backpack. It is suitable for any age. It is important to mention that both backpacks are comfortable.

This is a good present because you will give them the chance to bring their passion outside of their room.

7. New Account

Source: YouTube

Well, this might be the gift that you should consider the most. The players are investing a lot of time and energy to boost their account to another level. Still, there are many LoL players out there and doing something like that might be tough. More precisely, the competition is tough. So, if you buy an already boosted account, they will be more than happy.

These accounts are affordable and there are websites such as smurf-accounts.comthat are offering different options. We suggest you check their website.

8. Ticket for LoL Event

Source: Esports.net

LoL community is huge and you can find fans of these games in absolutely every part of the world. In most of the countries, LoL events are organized by the more experienced players. This is the place where your friend should be as well.

Communicating with other players online is a great thing. Yet, there is a big chance that these players have the same way of thinking and habits despite LoL. If they connected personally on some of these events, they can become friends forever.

Use the benefits of the Internet and discover the time of the next event that is organized in or near your town. It doesn’t matter if it is organized months after his or her birthday. Trust us; the player will barely wait to visit it.

9. League of Legends Lanyard

Source: Shopee

As we said, LoL players like to show to the world that this game is their passion. It is like wearing a kit of your favorite soccer/football team. Well, a lanyard is also a visible item that can be useful to them at the same time. They can bring their keys and keep them safe while showing to the world which passion they have.

10. League of Legend Mousepad

Source: Lazada Philippines

We will finish this list with one of the things that we noticed most of the LoL players use. The mouse and other equipment are important to them of course. It allows them to show their skills in the best possible way. Yet, they also need t good mousepad. Logically, the best one would be that contains the logo of League of Legends.

Maybe the person that you want to surprise already has one. It is better to check that out. If not, then there is no doubt that this gift will be perfect for her or him.