Luciana Barroso Net Worth 2024

Luciana Barroso is a part of Matt Damon’s life that this famous actor loves to keep away from the public’s eye. Although Matt has no problem with being in the spotlight for long periods, he prefers to keep his family and loves ones on the down-low. This is also quite unusual for Hollywood stars. Matt especially loves to keep the love of his life, astonishing Luciana Barroso, away from the spotlight.

But what she does? Is she passionate about Hollywood glamour? Or she prefers quiet family life? This is what we know about Matt Damon’s wife so far.

Luciana Meets Matt Damon

Luciana and Matt met in Miami, while Damon was shooting Stuck on You. Their meeting was random. The crew dragged Damon out for a drink at a local bar. Guess who served him the drink? That’s right, Barroso was working that night. They talked, and everything took off from there. The rest is history.

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Previous Marriage

Although not much is known about Luciana’s life before she met Damon, the following is the fact. Luciana was born in Salta, Argentina. Her father is an insurance agent, while her mother worked as a housekeeper. Furthermore, Luciana learned from them that hard work in mandatory is you want to have a better life. So, she started working at an early age.

Also, before this former waitress met and married Matt, she was married. Her ex-husband, Arbello ‘Arby’ Barrosso and Luciana had a baby girl, named Alexa, in 1998. They separated officially in 2004, but according to many sources, they have managed to secure a healthy relationship. Moreover, Luciana always loves to point out how no one could be a better stepfather to Alexa than Matt.


As already mentioned, Luciana has one child, Alexa, from the first marriage, and three girls from the marriage with Damon. All together, her children range in age from 7 years to 18 years old. Nowadays, she shares her daughter Alexa with her -ex-husband, while other daughters Isabella, Gia Zavala, and Stella Zavala are with Matt and Luciana full time.

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Matt and Luciana had a very private wedding ceremony in 2005, and so far, no one could put hands on their wedding photos. This comes as no surprise, considering the fact that both are huge lovers of keeping their private life away from cameras. Also, their children and out of the spotlight. Damon actually credits Luciana for keeping their lives private. It seems that she does an amazing job.

Also, Luciana is not interested in social media. As a non-digital person, her online social presence is almost non-existing. So, no bikini photos here, sorry!

However, there are numerous photos of Luciana on the red carpet, next to her husband, showing the world how real love is possible in Hollywood.

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Luciana Barroso Net Worth 2024

This may be surprising, but Luciana’s net worth in 2024 may shock you. After all, this Argentinean housewife has a net worth of mind-blowing $100,000-$1 Million. Without a doubt, her worth and assets will continue to grow in the future.