6 Proven Tips to Write Perfect Essay in English

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Writing the perfect English essay is not every student’s cup of tea. They don’t have the expertise or knowledge regarding the language or the format. So, if you are someone struggling with a write-up, then we are here with fantastic tips. So you will never fear or dread an English assignment ever again!

1. Create Topic Sentences

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Do yourself a favor and focus on writing the perfect topic sentence for each new paragraph in your task. What is a topic sentence, you ask? The first sentence of every paragraph subtly tells the reader what the coming section is about to offer. Admittedly, it is tricky to work on a topic sentence, but once you figure this one out, there is no way you will struggle to write the forthcoming paragraph.

Here are some simple steps to follow if you want to write a great topic sentence:

  • Don’t rush into writing the topic sentence; give it thought;
  • Note down some keywords you want to introduce related to the paragraph;
  • Keep it interesting;
  • Don’t make it too lengthy. Make sure it doesn’t exceed 20 words;
  • Make sure it offers a smooth transition.

It does take a bit of practice to get used to the structure of a topic sentence, so if you feel you’re lacking the time or you’re too anxious to do it on your own, you can reach out to a reliable service like PerfectEssay to write some outstanding papers for you!

2. Organize Your Ideas

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When students first start writing essays, they are all over the place. Conclusion: there is no sense of direction and no planning, which leads to a disrupted structure of ideas. If your paper fails to convey your views and opinions properly, there is no way it will hook the reader. No reader likes to invest their time and effort into a paper that only offers ambiguity instead of clarity.

To write the perfect essay, you must first correctly organize all your ideas. Know the basis of the concept, how you want to introduce it, under what circumstances the idea makes sense, whether it is suitable for your task or not, and how it adds value to the topic. All these things might seem unimportant to you right now, but when you lose your grade because of these nitty-gritty details, you will realize their worth.

Take a paper and a pen and note everything down. Cut out the ideas that don’t make sense to you or the ones you can’t explain well at this point. Stick to the ones you feel are suitable, and you can work on them appropriately.

3. Use The Traditional Essay Structure

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Most students make the mistake of experimenting at the last second. It is not wise to do so because you are already short on time, don’t have the desired skill set, and your grade is at stake! You aim to write a perfect essay, not to write it in a different format.

The best way to go about such situations is to use the traditional essay structure that colleges always appreciate. Then, save yourself time and follow the usual steps to focus on other vital areas such as the content of the essay, the details, the vocabulary, and the language.

Here is the traditional structure that you need to follow:

  • Introduction: make sure you add a bit of background to it and state the purpose of your write-up here;
  • Thesis statement: it is a crucial part of your introduction because it summarizes the entire paper into one sentence;
  • Body paragraphs: you can include every detail you want here; make sure it’s all relevant to the topic in every way;
  • Conclusion: it is the final impression of your paper on the reader, so make sure you use your voice here to give an opinion and restate the thesis statement in different words.

4. Introduction

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Let’s talk about the first impression of your work on the reader: the introduction. Many students rush through the opening, thinking it doesn’t contain details, so they shouldn’t give it too much time. That is the worst approach to follow. Never neglect the introduction because that is where your reader decides if they want to continue reading your work or not.

Keep it brief and interesting. Never think an introduction is complete without the background of the topic. Once that is done, move on to the thesis statement to state the essay’s purpose and make sure there is a hook in it for the reader. Interesting phrases keep the reader interested in your paper, and it is crucial for perfect essay writing.

Another essential thing to note is to decide the word limit for the introduction. Don’t go beyond 10 percent of the total word limit; otherwise, you will end up including unnecessary details in the introduction. Always remember that the details are for the body paragraphs, not the introduction!

5. Have a Native English Speaker Edit Your Essay

If you want a perfect essay in English, you must get the work edited by someone who knows the language inside out. Guess who can do that for you? a native English speaker, of course! Don’t just hand over your hard work to someone who speaks English like everyone else, and you need a professional.

You can find such people online when you approach writing services. You can ever reach out to a friend with a fantastic English background to help you out. Just make sure you get them to make the necessary edits and work their charm on the paper before submitting it.

6. Write a Strong Conclusion

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One of our all-time favorite tips for writing is to work on a solid conclusion. Only because it is the last bit of your essay doesn’t mean it loses its value. It is the point that the reader remembers the longest because it is your voice: your opinion.

To write a great conclusion, you need to summarize the passage into a small paragraph, restate the thesis statement to remind the reader what your work is about and make sure you don’t include any new details here. Then, use the correct vocabulary, language, and sentence structure and see how this conclusion turns the table around for you!

Bottom Line

Now that you have all these excellent tips with you, there is no need for you to run from essay writing. Instead, you will get a firm grip over these English essays, and before you know it, you will master the art of writing like a professional! So keep practicing and see your writing get better every day.