Winnie Harlow Net Worth 2024

Winnie Harlow is a Canadian fashion model, spokesperson, and human rights, activist. She is mostly famous for appearing in TV series America’s Next Top Model, and her activism for models who have disabilities or who are “different” because she has vitiligo.

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Early Life and Career

Chantelle Winnie Harlow is born in Toronto, Canada, on July 1st, 1994. She grew up in a family that encouraged her to become a model and supported her despite her skin condition. She has African roots since her family originally comes from Jamaica. Winnie grew up in Toronto, with her sister Christina and her parents, father Windsor Young and mother, Lisa Brown.

Since she was a little girl, Winnie faced a lot of discrimination and prejudice against her look and ideas that she could be a model. While she was at high school, she was an every-day victim of bullying and verbal violence, by being called “zebra” and “Winnie the cow” from her classmates and other children in school.

As a consequence, Winnie had changed over ten schools in her life, and finally, she dropped out of school. In her teenage years, she even wanted to commit suicide.

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However, her bright days had come. After the teen period, Winnie started to encourage herself, and she posted pictures on her Instagram account. There she was discovered by America’s Next Top Model host, famous Tyra Banks. After that, Winnie made it in a top 14 finalist, and at the same time, was the only Canadian who competed in the show.

Finally, she made it, and now she is one of the most successful young models today. She already posed for covers of magazines such as Vogue Italy, Ebony, Cosmopolitan, Complex, and many more.

After the finals of America’s Next Top Model, Winnie became an official face for brands Desigual and Diesel in 2015. Winnie started to give interviews about her life and modeling for magazines I-D, Dazed, and SHOWstudio fashion website.

Her major success is when she posed for the cover of the Vogue Italia magazine, where she also talked about encouraging people who are different to not give up from their dreams and that in the fashion world should become a place for everyone.

Last year, Winnie modeled for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and that she thinks is her greatest achievement so far.

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Personal Life

Winnie Harlow is currently in a relationship with famous American rapper and songwriter Wiz Khalifa, and the couple is officially publicly together after a shared photo on their Instagram account where Winnie holds his golden chain. After that, the couple is showing up in public events, holding hands and smiling, which we believe is a good sign.

Also, Winnie stated how Wiz is supportive, and the two always support each other in their careers. Some of them think the two are in quite a serious relationship. However, the couple didn’t share any official news regarding their possible engagement.

Before Wiz, Winnie dated American movie producer Nick Cannon; however, the couple split after a one-year relationship.

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Winnie Harlow Net Worth 2024

Winnie is one of the most successful Canadian young models today, and she already has serious engagements in the fashion world behind her. Hence, if you think that she has already made a million, you are right.

Winnie’s net worth for this year is $3 million, and we believe that with her career success, her net worth will grow too.