Who Will Get Player of the Season in the Premier League With Football Commentator Eugene Bernshtam

Despite the fact that there are still 12 games to play, it is already pretty clear how the rest of the season is going to shape up, at least in terms of how people are playing. Eugene Bernshtam and I have been locked in a debate over the last couple of weeks around who will get the player of the season in the Premier League. Eugene and I host a weekly podcast and disagreeing is something which we seem to do more often than not. We both have picked 3 options for who will be the player of the season, and we are also going to have a look at which players outside of Liverpool could get the nod.

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It is fair to say that no player outside of Liverpool should be anywhere near getting the player of the season award, but we will also have a look at a little section of also-rans, where surprisingly Eugene and I do agree. Without further ado then, let’s take a look.

Jordan Henderson

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My personal pick for player of the season is the unsung hero that is Jordan Henderson, captain, and leader of the team who has absolutely destroyed the Premier League this season. The reason why I have picked Henderson is down to how Liverpool has achieved this feat this season. With the exception of perhaps 2 or 3 games, Liverpool has struggled in almost every game to put it to bed and I have been waiting for them to lose since as far back as October.

Some will point to luck here, that those teams like Sheff United, Spurs, Burnley and even Wolves should have taken the plethora of chances that they were given, or that other teams could have held on for a draw rather than give away last-minute winners. The reason why Liverpool have ‘gotten away with it’ so many times is because of the ridiculous mentality which the side has, and that all comes from their captain and leader Jordan Henderson. Liverpool has never lost a game in which he has scored, he has contributed vitally with the winner against Tottenham, along with 2 more goals and 4 assists at vital times. This Liverpool side plays well when Henderson does and that is why he’s my player of the season.

Sadio Mane

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Eugene’s pick for player of the season is Sadio Mane, who I really can’t disagree too much with. Mane has been in breathtaking form for more than 2 years now and this season he has really taken things to another level. Stats wise he has 11 goals and 6 assists in his 22 games and until last week he looked unbreakable, playing an incredible number of games. Mo Salah is high class but it is Mane who is the main man when they are both on the pitch. Mane’s driving runs, crucial goals and build-up play is what has set him apart this season and he is a big reason that Liverpool has been able to achieve what they are this season. Each week Sadio Mane seems to get better than before, he terrorizes defenses and understands perfectly when to be a team player and when to go it alone.

Eugene and I both could have easily gone for Trent Alexander Arnold who has been nothing short of sublime this season, he has missed out by the narrowest of margins.

Outside Liverpool Pick – Kevin de Bruyne

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The reasons why the gap between Liverpool and Manchester City has been so big this year has been a number of factors, but the biggest of which is the Manchester City defense. From early on in the season when Crystal Palace beat them at the Etihad, it was clear that the City defense could be breached. In attack City have been almost as good as ever and the driving force behind that has been the impeccable Kevin de Bruyne. The Belgian already has an incredible 15 assists this season, his best so far has been 18 but that was after 38 games! On top of this KDB has contributed 7 goals to the team and there is nothing that he can be blamed for in terms of why City hasn’t hit the heights of previous seasons. De Bruyne is the most important player for City and he delivers time and time again. If it weren’t for the rampant Liverpool this season, there is little doubt that player of the season would go to KDB.

Who do you think should get player of the season? Do you agree with Eugene or me, or do you have another pick? Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.