Love Lake Dubai – Romantic Places To Visit in 2024

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The Lake of Dubai is one of the latest additions to Dubai’s list of attractions. It is located in the middle of the desert.

The city of Dubai managed to surprise the rest of the world, again, with its creative designs and architectural marvels. Some of the creations that Dubai is proud of include The Burj Khalifa (the tallest building on earth), the Ski Dubai (the biggest indoor ski resort inside a mall), the Dubai Miracle Garden (the biggest flower garden in the Middle East), and the Palm Island (the biggest human-made island in the world, shaped in the form of a palm tree. The lake was opened in November 2018, and it gained popularity quite quickly.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad, Crown Prince of Dubai, unveiled an unusual human-made lake that is shaped like two interlocking love hearts. He posted an image of the sight at Al Qudra Lakes in the emirate, with the caption: “To all of you.” Also, the trees have been planted beside the water, spelling out the word ‘love.’

Facts about the lake

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Love Lake is so enormous that it can be seen from space; this fact is proved thanks to Google Maps. Another interesting fact is that it is located right in the middle of the desert, so it is surrounded by sand.

Ths lake became one of the best spots for couples that are looking for some privacy and quiet time. Even though there aren’t any significant facilities nearby, you can bring a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and have a lovely picnic. This is also an excellent place for those who want to enjoy camping with their family and friends. You can also have a barbecue in certain designated areas. However, you are only allowed to use a charcoal barbecue, not an electrical one.

Besides picnicking and camping, the Love Lake is a tremendous photographing spot. Also, if you want to capture a view of the lake with the word ‘love’ formed by the trees, you should bring a drone that can get those images for you. However, you must follow some rules if you want to use a drone in Dubai. Don’t forget to get all the necessary permissions before you use it.

Location of the lake

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The heart-shaped lake is located near the Al Quadra lakes area. While traveling, you will see the Al Quadra desert camping area and also the Al Quadra cycle track.

How to reach the lake?

Even though you would think reaching the lake is difficult since it is located in the desert, it isn’t the case. First of all, you can find it on Google Maps, and there are also signs that you can follow to find it.

Fist, take the Emirates Road (E611) while you travel from Sharjah towards Jebel Ali. Then, drive straight till you find Exit 35 and take a u-turn. After that, drive straight till you see the Al Quadra Exit 35, about 200 meters ahead. After you travel 20 kilometers from Exit 35, you will reach a roundabout that has a horse statue in the middle. From there, take a left. Then, you’ll reach another roundabout, from where you have to take a right. Then you will find the Love Lake Board.

Entrance Fee

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One of the best things about this lake is that it’s absolutely free, which is quite rare for Dubai attractions. The only thing you will spend money on is the fuel for your car. The effort will for sure pay off.

Helpful tips


Be prepared that no drinking water and washrooms are available. This is a great place to watch the sunset, but bring the flashlight since there are no lights around the place. It is better to wear sandals or flip-flops since the sand is everywhere. That way you will be more comfortable. If you were closed shoes it will be much more difficult to walk.

Love Lake became one of the most famous tourist attractions in a very short time, so if you ever go to Dubai, be sure to visit it. You will be amazed by its beauty and won’t regret it for sure. You and your partner will forever cherish that unique experience.