Things You Should Know About Dubai Desert Safari Trip

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss out on your trip to Dubai, it’s a desert safari trip. The emirate of Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment of visitors, but the experience of exploring the desert and taking part in fun activities is certainly unparalleled.

There’s a lot to do and enjoy in a desert safari Dubai expedition. From enjoying camel rides to getting clicked in Arab costumes, savoring yourself with a live BBQ buffet dinner to getting a taste of “shisha” (an Arab style smoke), you are never going to be short of options in this one-of-a-kind trip.

Having said that, there are certain things you should know about in order to make the most out of this full-of-adventure trip. Take a look at them:

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Different Deals to Choose From

Generally, desert safari companies offer three deals for guests. The first one is the morning desert safari. As its name specifies, it starts early in the morning and continues for about 6 hours. It is suitable for early risers and those who want to enjoy different attractions of the city in one day. If you wish to explore the different attractions of Dubai, the morning desert safari makes for a suitable choice. As you can reach your hotel room before the evening, there’s plenty of room to explore other activities the emirate has for tourists. However, don’t overexert yourself while doing so.

The second one is the evening desert safari and based on the research, are providing mind-blowing services in this niche. The main feature of this deal is that you’ll get to capture the stunning sight of the sun setting in the desert, amidst mighty dunes. It also includes a lavish 3-course BBQ dinner that’s arranged at the campsite for guests. Furthermore, there are numerous entertainment options as well. A belly dance performance by professional dancers is organised. Other than that, fireworks and Tanoura shows are arranged for the entertainment of guests.

Lastly, there’s an overnight desert safari deal. Guests, who have opted for this deal, get to enjoy camping in the middle of the desert. The fully-functional camps are erected on the campsite, which is properly secured and equipped with basic facilities. There are separate toilets for men and women. And the mattress and blankets provided to them are properly cleaned.

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Weather Conditions

Everyone’s aware of the climate of Dubai. The temperature tends to remain on the higher side throughout the year. While the indoors are facilitated by central air conditioners, it can be a tad hard to enjoy the outdoor activities due to the harsh weather, particularly if you belong to a region where the weather tends to be on the colder side.

And the fact that the desert area has a higher temperature cannot be negated as well. So, it is important to take weather conditions into account when booking a desert safari trip in Dubai. If you cannot handle the hot and humid weather and still want to enjoy this trip, opt for an evening or overnight package since the weather remains moderate after the sunset.

It is advised to keep sunblock and sunglasses with you. Don’t overstuff your bag with water bottles and you will find plenty of them in the campsite. There’s also a bar available there. However, you will be charged extra for drinks other than water.

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Suitable Apparels

As stated above, there’s a lot to do on a desert safari Dubai trip. It entails various physical activities such as dune bashing, ATV quad bike ride, sandboarding, camel ride, etc. Therefore, make sure that you are dressed appropriately. Also, the dress must be comfortable since you will be spending a minimum of six hours in the desert. See that you have taken the weather into consideration as well when picking up your dress for the safari. Carry an extra one if you intend to spend a night in the desert. Don’t forget to pay attention to your footwear. It should be comfortable as well.

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Things to Carry

You should only carry basic items that will actually come in handy for you during the safari. Packing unnecessary stuff will only prove to be a burden for you. Furthermore, there’s also a risk of losing stuff during the expedition. So, don’t make this mistake of carrying a lot of things.

Some essential items you must pack are:

  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Cameras
  • Supply of medicines (if you’re prescribed any)

As stated above, you don’t have to take extra water bottles with you as they are available at the campsite. Most companies do not charge extra for them.

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Different Packages

Just like deals, different packages are available for guests to enjoy the desert safari Dubai. These packages vary in terms of activities included, facilities provided and price.

In the VIP package, guests are picked up from their hotels or other location of their choice. For other packages, they are picked from certain locations in the emirate. There’s also a self-drive package in which guests have to reach the campsite on their own.

Depending on your preference and budget, you can select any package that suits your requirements. However, if you want to enjoy this trip with your family, it is highly recommended to opt for the VIP package. You can also request a private vehicle, which you wouldn’t have to share with other visitors. It offers enhanced privacy. However, bear in mind that it will be charged extra.

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Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the Dubai desert safari is an experience that you are going to remember for a long time. Away from the bustling city life, it includes fun activities that you wouldn’t get to enjoy otherwise. So, don’t let an inexperienced company ruin this trip for you. It’s imperative that you hire a company that has earned the reputation to offer the best services to its guests. There are abundant companies that offer desert safari trips. Choose the best out of the lot after thorough research and deliberation. Pay attention to the quality of their services apart and activities included apart from the cost.