10 Popular Destinations in the US to Experience the Best BBQ

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For all the die-hard barbeque fans, trying the flavors from every corner of the country is as much a passion as it is an adventure. The new ways to gas grill have made barbeque grilling fast for BBQ restaurants to serve ever-increasing demand. Many BBQ restaurants have used gas grills from BBQGuys since their inception in 2000.

If you would “never say never” to a new style of perfect grilling, some exciting side dishes, and exotic sauces, you should put these top barbeque destinations on your bucket list.

1. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville town not only resonates with country music but also nestles a host of equally warm and soul-satisfying smoky BBQ grill joints. In Nashville, you’ll find some very fine barbeques where you can easily pacify any sort of meat-craving from smoked pork to chicken and turkey. Our favorite pick amongst the varied grill spots in Tennessee is Edley’s Bar-B-Que, a lively southern style BBQ with some authentic low and slow smoked grill recipes. Head to Edley’s for a hearty meal and we are sure you’ll always wanna go back.

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2. Raleigh, North Carolina

Pork rules the state of North Carolina when it comes to smoked meat. According to BBQGuys, most of the BBQ restaurants will serve you the local specialty – chopped pork shoulder. If you’ve always been served pulled pork, Raleigh is where you could try the chopped version. But don’t worry, in Raleigh you’ll not only find the traditional Eastern style whole hog in sandwiches and plated dishes, but also oak wood-fired sophisticated barbeques. We strongly recommend visiting The Pit for a mouthful of juicy smoked pork chops served with gourmet-style side dishes.

3. Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City’s signature style smoked grills with caramelized ends are a staple on the barbeque menu at most of the smokehouses. The traditional style barbeques serve meat that is slow smoked on apple and cherry wood for a uniquely appetizing flavor. You’ll find epic grilled dishes at the popular joints like LC’s and Gates. But if you want to savor the pleasure of unmatched crispy burnt ends with a charm of sauces and rubs, you should drive straight to the Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque.

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4. Austin, Texas

Between eclectic music and sizzling grills, your experience in Austin can feel refreshing and satisfying. There are a diverse range of grills and barbeque joints ranging from food trucks to fancy dine-ins, all serving the essentially authentic Texas barbecue. Texas people love their barbeque, and most of the joints are queued up by loyal customers. Some of the top places include Brown’s Bar-B-Que, Oseo, Franklin Barbeque and Interstellar BBQ. They are all pretty good, but you’ll find the world’s best brisket at Franklin Barbeque (you’ll really need to consider the long waiting line).

5. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta’s barbeque scene is probably the most vibrant and enterprising than anywhere else in America. The style is not particularly regional, rather a blend of influences not only from the rest of the country but also from all around the world. In Atlanta, you’ll find that anything smoked goes on the plate, be it beef ribs, turkeys, sausages, pork or brisket. Out top favorite Atlanta barbeque joints include Fat Matt’s, Zeigler’s and Fox Bros. Fat Matt’s deserves a special mention for the pleasant vibes from their live music ensemble and of course their delicious smoked ribs.

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6. Memphis, Tennessee

When you order a dry rubbed rib in Memphis, you will be pleasantly surprised at how juicy and delicious it turns out to be. You get served with a variety of sauces alongside the “pit barbeque” slow cooked meat. If you ask our top pick, we will have to vote for the Central BBQ for its superbly crafted sizzling delights. Other noteworthy joints include Tom’s Bar-B-Q and Deli, Rendezvous and Barbecue Shop.

7. Birmingham, Alabama

The Southerners could swear that there’s no other barbeque good enough like their own style. Well, we can’t help but agree that there is a definitely distinct flavor and tang to the Birmingham barbeque. And if you are out and about on a trip to check out the world’s most delicious grilled meats, you probably shouldn’t omit the warm welcoming town of Birmingham. Drop by at Saw’s BBQ or Dreamland Bar-B-Que to relish some perfectly cooked meats.

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8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Oklahoma City barbeque scene is rather mellow. Nothing stands out in particular, neither the sauces nor the burnt edges. But still the subtle balance in the slow cooked meat will leave your taste-buds lingering with a gratifying flavor. Van’s Pig Stand and Smokin Joes are great barbeque joints with mass appeal in the state of Oklahoma. The smoked bologna, also known as “Oklahoma Prime Ribs” can be devoured at Jamil’s Steakhouse and Black Door BBQ.

9. Houston, Texas

The moist and tender meats served at Houston’s barbeque joints, need no accompanying sauces on the side. Despite the popular dine-in culture, barbeque take-outs and delivery spots are up on the radar already. Now, you can enjoy the best of Houston’s delicious ribs and briskets from the comfort of any couch. You can dial-in to Killen’s BBQ, Gatlin’s BBQ and Jackson Street BBQ for a pre-order of Houston’s best grilled meats.

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10. Dallas, Texas

Traditional Dallas barbeque is a simple low and slow smoked meat smothered in tomato sauce. Enterprising barbeque joints in Dallas, have shunned and managed to spark new flavor in the old fashioned grilling scene. The result is some fine specialty dishes that appeal to sophisticated diners. Lockhart Smokehouse’s brisket is our all time favorite barbeque from Dallas, with Angelo’s in a close tow for the next sweet spot.