How to Watch the IG Stories Privately?


Are you a stalker? Do you want to stalk someone’s insta profile? Well, spying on someone and stalking seems to be an unethical gesture but it’s pretty common nowadays. You can stalk someone by using different tools and tricks.

Do you wanted to know about these tricks and tools? Are you thinking to try it once? It is simple and easy to watch and all you have to do is register to instanavigation.

Now you must be wondering what this insta navigation is. Don’t worry because here you will know what this insta navigation system is. To start with, it is the tool that is used to help other watch or view the stories of other users. It is the site which will help you to secretly view the post, videos, ig stories on instagram. After this you can see the IG stories and your view isn’t shown on their feed. It works the same as the whatsapp read recipient option.

All you have to do is turn on this mood and your views aren’t shown to anyone. If you try to relate it with Facebook then turn off the activity status and you can use your app anonymously. That’s how simple you can watch the IG stories by applying some tricks and ways. So without wasting any time, let’s learn about these ways.

Airplane mood feature


By applying the airplane mood or by switching off your internet can help you browse the story without the internet and your view doesn’t count it. It is true that if you are watching someone’s story and then you turn on the airplane mood or accidently your internet shuts down after then your video continues playing and you can watch their stories without showing the view to them. Isn’t it super easy? All you have to do is play the story and after a while on the airplane and see the left story.

Sneak peak method

So if you try watching the story anonymously then you should try the sneak peak mood. This is a way in which you have to open the story that is next to desired one. And little by little swipe to your desired story and don’t open it to the extent. Otherwise they get your view of their story. So, its better that you watch by sneak peeks method and don’t give them a view. But keep in your mind that you can only stalk their photos and post but you can’t stalk their videos of the story. Be cautious to choose the story that you are willing to view.

Unidentifiable account


Another most authentic way to watch the IG stories is that you should create any account which is unidentifiable for the user. You must first make sure that the name is not going to be identifiable for the user. Then you must think of a unique name for your account and then you start creating the account.

To create an account you must have the details which are fake and then you and that email for login purpose is also needed. Register your email ID and then add all the fake information for the account. The information must be unidentifiable by the user. So that the person you start stalking doesn’t know that you are the one who is watching their stories. Be cautious while adding the details otherwise it will cause you problems.

But do you have to face the consequences?

A negative impact of this method is that it will cause you problems and you might end up in a bad position. This can be possible if you add some extra information which becomes easy to recognize or if you add the information which is not enough to look like a regular user.

Moreover, if you accidently like the post or story of the user then it is obvious they will get your view to notice who is this person watching their story. You will provide the facts so they can notice you and take action against you. but if you avoid doing this then these complications aren’t going to harm you and easily watch the IG stories.

Other tools and apps

There are different types of apps available that help and are easy for the stalkers. They don’t have to spend a lot of time when they have tools which are allowing them to watch the stories anonymously like insta navigation. There are a lot more sites and apps who don’t even require any account verification or registrations. They just download the apps and start doing unethical things. One of the best app is mentioned below for understanding how they work and what their facilities are.

Anon IG viewer


It is an app which you download for pc or android and watch instagram stories. This app works in a way that you just have to login through your email and then you have the account on this app. through this account you have to add the person’s instagram stories links. You cannot be recognizable and they also don’t get any view.

After that you will have to paste the instagram story link. Then the app works and provides you that specific instagram story for you. Now you can easily watch the stories without any fear of getting caught by the user. So, try to use these apps because they are more authentic than browsing websites.

Final thoughts

In this article you will know about the ways you can watch the stories and post on instagram without letting them know. So read the above mentioned information if you want to watch someone’s stories. They are super easy methods to use and don’t require registration as well. If you start using these methods, you can view the stories, like the post, enjoy the videos, get an idea about their content.. You can have access to all their account activity. So, don’t wait any longer just go try these methods and use them for the instagram enjoyment.