Can I Visit the Clinic During my Period?

Visiting a gynecologist is scary for most women, especially when they’re just beginning the visits. Even worse is going for the gyno exam on your period.

Do you ever wonder whether your gynecologist would be upset? Now, to help you understand this better, we break this quick guide into two sections.

At the end of this article, you will know when you should push your gynae appointment to a later date if it falls on your period and when you should go ahead with a scheduled gynecological exam even when you’re on your periods. Let’s dive in!

Instances when you may need to postpone your Gynae Exam if it falls on your Period

We must first acknowledge that every woman is unique. This is relatable considering that reproductive health and menstrual cycles aren’t the same for everybody.

When scheduling the routine gynae exams, you may not really give your menstrual cycles an extensive thought. This implies that you may only come to realize very late that your scheduled appointment falls on when you’re getting your periods.

If you get your periods right before a scheduled appointment with your OB/GYN, you may need to reschedule it;

Source: Medical News Today

If you’re going for Bacterial vaginosis or Yeast Infections Examination

In bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection examination, your doctor will need to collect your vaginal discharge for the tests. They will then put this fluid on a microscope slide to check for the cells of the disease-causing organisms under a microscope.

Now, if you’re on your periods when the doctor tries to gather the vaginal discharge sample for the test, they may as well collect it with blood. If the sample gets mixed in the menstrual blood, the testing may not be accurate, so your doctor may only remain with unclear results or fail to get the right diagnosis.

Unless the symptoms due to the infection are so severe that they limit you from carrying on with your daily activities, it would be better if you reschedule the appointment.

If it would make you Feel Awkward around the Gynaecologist

According to Dr. PK Tan of PK Women’s Clinic, it is without any doubt that your gynae in Singapore has seen a lot of menstrual blood so they really won’t give much thought to your menstrual blood. Nonetheless, the gynae exam shouldn’t make you feel awful about yourself. However, if you’re experience very heavy bleeding to the point where you have to change your pad or tampon every hour or passing clots, you might want to reschedule your appointment. This is because the degree of bleeding could affect the effectiveness of the exam. But do bring the heavy bleeding up to your gynaecologist.

Therefore, if you feel that you won’t be at ease during the procedure, be sure to let your women’s health expert know about that on time. Importantly, they will help you reschedule the appointment to a future date after the periods.

Source: Newslaundry

If you’re going for a Pap Smear

It will make sense to reschedule your gynae appointment in Singapore if you’re going for a Pap smear. Here’s why; during a Pap smear, your women’s health specialist will need to take a swab of your cervical cells.

They will then examine these cells to check for any cancer cells or abnormality on your cells of the cervix. However, the red blood cells in your menstrual blood may make it difficult to get accurate results from the test.

Before rescheduling the appointment though, be sure to confirm this with your women’s health expert. Today, there are better Pap smear tests that are designed to separate red blood cells from your cervical cells. The gynae clinic may also not mind if you proceed with the appointment if you have a light flow.

When to Proceed with a Scheduled Gyno Exam Even if it falls on Your Period

You can proceed with your gynae appointment even if the scheduled date lands on your periods if;

You Experience Severe Period Pains

Period cramps are natural. However, if the cramps are severe that you can barely move around, it is advisable that you go on with your gynae appointment even when on your periods. The women’s health expert will examine you, and depending on your condition; they may recommend surgical removal of your uterus, use of birth control hormones or recommend that you take NSAIDs before starting your periods.

Source: Best Health Magazine Canada

You Experience Irregular Periods

Things like hormonal changes, weight fluctuations or stress may cause irregular periods in women. Now, if the periods are so infrequent that you sometimes miss them, it would be better to proceed with your gynae appointment even when on your periods to check for potential health complications like PCOS which might be the cause.

You want to use the Intrauterine Device (IUD) for Birth Control

If you’ve decided to use IUD as birth control, it is fine to proceed with a scheduled gynae exam even when you’re on your periods. Doctors recommend this since inserting the IUD during a menstrual period is more comfortable when compared to other days since your cervix is more open during this phase in the menstrual cycle.

Why seeing a gynaecologist is important

Regardless of whether you are sexually active or not, it is important to see a gynaecologist at least once yearly to check for common problems like cysts, fibroids, endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. Through tests like pelvic exams and pap smears, your gynaecologist can ascertain that you’re healthy and fit and diagnose conditions early. Many sexual reproductive health issues don’t show signs or symptoms till much later.

For women who are sexually active, regular gynaecologist visits are all the more important; sexual health is critical to your wellbeing. For women who intend to conceive, regular gynae visits will ensure optimum health for you and your baby down the road.

Source: The Indian Express

Final Word

If your family doctor advises that you see a gynae, Singapore is a worthwhile region to consider for your appointment. There are good facilities, and most people visit the region because of dedicated medical care.