How to Get Best Scores in Salesforce ADM-201 Certification Exam

The Salesforce Administrator certification is focused to certify the candidates who have an understanding about approaches towards Salesforce. Salesforce is basically customer relationship management software. These candidates have the skills to help Salesforce for organizing the administration in a better way. The exam takes up the broad manifestation of capabilities in the field of Sales, Service and Collaboration Clouds. Within the Salesforce Certified Administrator program, there are two affirmations. The former is known as Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification utilized in Salesforce execution and the latter is the Salesforce Certified Administrator. The second is focused on Salesforce arrangement upkeep. If you belong to the Salesforce community and advance your knowledge and skills in this field, then this exam is for you.

This article basically helps you in understanding the easiest way to tackle your Salesforce Certification exam:


What is the Salesforce Administration Exam ADM-201?

The exam is designed for those experienced candidates in Salesforce, who want to help the company with more enhanced knowledge and skills. The exam has a code ADM-201 and it covers the applications for a user-end, configuration and management. The exam consists of 60 questions asked in the form of multiple-choice questions. There are given 105 minutes to solve these questions. The cost for this certification is nearly $200. Unlike the Adobe exam, you only need 65 percent marks to go through the Salesforce Administration exam. The Salesforce official site requires you to get you- self registered with the exam.

What are the recommended pre-requisites to take SalesForce ADM-201 exam?

Generally, the candidates must be able to:


What are the policies to take SalesForce ADM-201 exam, if you do not pass your exam?

The great advantage you get is half-price $50 if you appear in the exam for the second time. The Salesforce Administration exam is taken up three times a year. There could be provided three chances to give this exam in accordance with Winter, Spring and Summer:

  1. If you fail for the first time, you can register after 24 hours for the second attempt.
  2. If you fail for the second time, you can register after 14 days for the third attempt.
  3. If you fail for the third time, you can register until the next cycle starts.

How I cleared my Salesforce Administration Exam ADM-201 Certification in my first attempt?

There are many online forums which are available which can help you acing the exam. There were many online websites which basically helped me in achieving my dream job. With the knowledge in the above-mentioned domains, I cleared in my first attempt of the Salesforce Administration Exam ADM-201. It can contain a lot of entities like exam dumps and practice sessions. The essentials which helped me are exam dumps, PDF notes, online books and lectures, brain dumps evaluated from the certified professionals along with the practice tests. All these essentials I found the most reliable.

What is the Syllabus Content for Salesforce Administration Exam ADM-201?

The syllabus contents are described by the official SalesForce vendor on their website. They have explained topic-wise modules which must be understood by the candidates preparing for the Exam.

  • Organizational Setup 3%:

The candidate must be best prepared in describing the information. This deals with the documentation in the company settings. The candidate needs to be prepared for the administration controls and configuration of the Interface Settings.

  • User Setup 7%

The candidate gets his skills verified in the domain of user maintenance. The candidates understand about user accounts activation, or deactivation in an effective manner.

  • Security and Access 13%

The skills in the field of security controlling about passwords, IP restrictions and identity confirmations are verified in this test. The candidate must know which security operations to be used for certain software applications. There must be knowledge about profile customization and various profile settings.

  • Standard and Custom objects 14%

The candidates’ capabilities in the domain of object relationships, filed deletions, record assignments, and preparing page layouts for the User interface.

  • Sales and Marketing applications 14%

The candidates are capable in lead automation and tool management. They have the skills for management tools in the field of marketing.

  • Service and Support Applications 13%

In this domain, the candidates identify the automation of case management and community management.

  • Activity Management and Collaboration 3%

In this field, the abilities for managing the tasks, events, public calenders and multi-day events are utilized and tested.

  • Data management 10%:

The tasks like data import, update, transfer, and delete the files are tested and then utilized in the field. The knowledge about the manifestation of tools for data management and back up are also tested.

  • Analytics 10%:

The candidates must be expert in custom report types and modifying dashboards.

  • Workflow automation 8%

The candidates who are expert in this field are known as process automation specialist.


Which skills I get validated which played the best role in acing my Salesforce Administration Exam ADM-201?

The skills which I get validated by the practice tests available here were dealing with all the above-mentioned domains tested in Salesforce Administration Exam ADM-201 accreditation. The significant is the establishment and setting up the skills in the field of security controlling about the user passwords, IP restrictions and identity confirmations are verified in this test. I get to know about the security operations to be used for certain software applications through the professionals in the online forum. I polished my knowledge about profile customization and various profile settings. The available brain dumps and the answer questions in the exam dumps were quiet similar to those I had in my real exam. I practiced with the training practices made me successful in Salesforce Administration Exam ADM-201.


To conclude, the main accreditation with this site is that it did not only help me in acing through the Salesforce Administration Exam ADM-201 but getting the best SalesForce Administrator job as well. Towards my successful career, I got validated the essentials to perform the user-interface functions in my company. If you are the one confused among so many available courses and looking for some reliable and trustworthy online site then you need to follow the mentioned guidelines to perform best in your Salesforce Administration Exam ADM-201.