Minnie Sharp Net Worth 2024

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Minnie Sharp is talented, and she was an actress, but the world knows her the most as the ex-wife of American Hollywood star Luke Perry. Stay with us and find out more about the life details of this Californian famous person.

Early Life

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Rachel Minnie Sharp was born in 1969, and she is the holder of American nationality. She grew up in Los Angeles, California, and her mother, Beryl Bainbridge, was looking after her. Beryl was homemaker, but she was talented for writing novels; one of the most popular was “Sweet William” aired in 1975. Her father, Alan Sharp, was from Scottland, and he was a writer too.

He is the creator of more than 20 motion pictures, and one of them was a very popular film, “The Year of Living Dangerously,” from 1983. Unfortunately, talented writer passed away in 2013 after a long battle with brain cancer. During his lifetime, he had four wives, six children, two stepsons, and fourteen grandkids. Having these facts about her parents, it is clear as day where her acting talent is coming from.

The famous lady has one sister – Rudi Davies. Rachels passion for acting started when she was still a girl. Her parents signed her in for acting lessons in local theater. She finished high school in California.


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Her job before the start of a professional acting career was in retail in a furnishings shop in Los Angeles. She debuted as an actress in 1987, performing Emily in the “Teen Wolf Too.” Her film mate was Jason Bateman and genre of the movie comedy-fantasy. The film shows us the story of Todd Howard, who is in sensitive age – teenage days, and his life changed once he turned into the wolf.

This movie earned pretty bad critiques, and website ratings were low – 3.3/10, particularly on IMDb. Even though she did not create an extensive movie career, this industry is still her number one, and her favorite actors are Robert Downey and Anne Hataway. This ambitious woman is currently involved in advertisement and media say there is coming projects for her.

Personal Life

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Californian celebrity met her ex-husband Luke in 1991. They were in a relationship for two years, and they crowned their love with marriage in 1993. They have two children together – Jack and Sophie Perry. After ten years of living together, the young couple got divorced in 2003. Unfortunately, Luke passed away young, last year in March after stroke. Their son is a professional wrestler, and a bright future is in front of him.

Talking of her hobbies, this lady enjoys journeys inside and outside the United States. She loves shopping, and her number one color is black. Animals are part of her family – a dog and two cats. She is a big food lover, and her favorite cuisine is continental. However, she likes experiments with different cuisines.

Minnie Sharp Net Worth 2024

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As of 2024, Rachel Minnie Sharp has an estimated net worth of more than $500 thousand. She is on a high salary from advertising companies, which is her primary job currently. Her ex-husband’s net worth was around 10$ million. While still together, the couple purchased the outstanding property in Los Angeles worth nearly $3 million.