Pros and Cons of Using Stock Video Sites


Why use stock footage? Are these being affordable and time-saving? Where to get them? And how to use them? Is it a great video editing tool? Such questions are often raised in your mind before using any stock or short footage.

The concept is not as new recently. There is new hype that has been seen in the use of content. Many bloggers, vloggers, marketers, and content creators are using it for various purposes. People are adopting it rapidly. Click here to get more details.

So, what’s making the stock video sites the best tool editing tool?


The questions mentioned above are most frequently asked. These are asked more frequently because if you are the one who won’t use any stock video footage in your content for your brand advertisement or any purpose, then you need to know details about the stock videos and sites. The short footage is also referred to like the clip or short videos b-roles.

These clips are primarily one minute in length and always created on a generic topic so everyone can use them easily in their content or for their social media videos, interviews, marketing campaign, or blogs; free video clips are intended to use for multiple purposes and can be used again and again in different content in various production styles and format.

These footages are available in a wide range at the video stock websites. The short stock footage can be used for any category such as Lifestyle, travel, business, medicines, or any other purpose. You can get motioned, aerial Drone or 4K, 8k, HD, SD clip. Two types of stock video sites provide resources. One is royalty-free, and the second is rights-managed.


The difference between these two sites is that the first one carries the free short videos that can be used multiple times and used for free. Whereas, the second rights-managed footage site, you can get the videos by purchasing the license. Still, it is worth purchasing it because it provides you with enormous unique, high-quality clips.

These are the best video editing tools for YouTubers because they provide all the quality needed in video content. The YouTubers and the other users of video clips are getting many benefits by using this in their content.

So, where there are some excellent features of short video usage, there are also some negative factors about these.

Well, why don’t we discuss them in detail;

Pros of using stock videos

  • Time-saving; It also saves your time. If you will be using the stock sites videos, it means you are utilizing the well-talented shot and well-finished video. So, it will automatically save the time that you might waste on finding and creating a high-quality shot for your content.
  • Cost-effective; the perfect reason for these large video stock libraries is its budget-friendly and cost-effective feature. The marketers have to pay hundreds of dollars on brand video marketing, but unfortunately, they can’t get professional footage. The video sites allow you to choose high-quality royalty-free stock footage that is free for use and never disturbs your budget at all. The royalty-free clip sites never charge any penny from their uses and never provide less than professional filmmaker content.
  • High quality created; If you choose to use stock footage in your content, you are not compromising on quality because you will get high-quality shot videos by the professional videographers who added them on various fantastic video editing tools that pay attention to each detail. You will get high-resolution videos in full HD that give your projects or content the perfect high-quality look.
  • Used Versatilely; It is intended to be used widely for various purposes, so that is why it is freely available on video stock websites for the use of content creators.
  • Effectively explain your narrative; stock site videos are always the best option. If you want to explain your story more effectively, it can help you frame it and fill all the necessary gaps to maintain the quality. These stock footages make content more focused and reflective towards the main objective. It will make a bridge between seen to the seen followed by the content. Also, it provides the clarity to your narrative or perspective that you want to convey to the audience.
  • Get rugged shorts, too; Sometimes, you cannot get any view or shot from rugged cliffs or places, so this stock footage saves your day by providing you with the complex and highly captured shots. no matter you want any Ocean shot or wants any sun rising shot, the videos stock sites are always there to give reliable budget-friendly clips

Cons of using stock videos

  • Expensive; it is expensive in some cases where we resourced the video from the rights-managed stock site. These rates are slightly expensive for those users who don’t have big budgets. It can be costly for those marketers who have limited resources to add up in their budget.
  • Not unique footage; while choosing to add the stock site video, you need to bear one thing in mind that there are significantly fewer chances that you can get unique video, mainly these videos are used by many subscribers, or if the video is placed on the free site, then it’s hard to count its usage number.
  • Unrelatable footage; getting the relatable video for your content mainly featuring humans is hard to find, but sometimes you get the one after some research.
  • Hectic licensing terms; if you are using the subscripted licensed stock video, then it’s hard to complete the confusing licensing process.

Final words


It’s common, and when there are many benefits of anything, it has several negative factors too. But if you read the article carefully, you observed that the pros are more than the cons, which means it is the most reliable source for high-quality videos.