Types of Trampolines and Everything That You Need to Know About Them

When we were kids, one of the best things in our lives were Trampolines, but not every one of us was lucky enough to have one in their home. This is why when we celebrated birthdays, we always wanted them to be hosted at a location that had one or a few trampolines available.

There’s just so much pleasure in something as simple as jumping on a square by square item made out of rubber and springs, but we didn’t care as long as we had fun. Truth is, even when you become an adult, you secretly want to spend some time jumping on a trampoline as well, but you just can’t do it at a place that’s meant for children.

To secretly enjoy the pleasures of this mystical yet so satisfying item, you’ll have to purchase one for your own home. Luckily, in this article, we are going to talk about some of the best types of trampolines, how they function, which one you should be choosing for yourself and a lot of other useful things. If you are currently considering purchasing one, or you’re just curious to learn some more, make sure to read until the end.

When did Trampolines first appear?

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These items of endless fun are considered to be a 20th-century invention, but nobody is sure if there were any previous “primitive” types of trampolines before the commercial one was invented. They are not only used for the entertainment of your kids, and they see a lot of use in the professional world as well. Circuses, Olympic Games and even NASA are all places where you can see the use of this glorious item.

So, what kind of trampolines can we find in the store nowadays?

Round Trampolines

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If you ever saw a trampoline, chances are that it was a round one. These are the most common types that you can find in the store, and they are great for any use, including indoor and outdoor. Although placing an item of this kind inside your home isn’t smart, some people still have rooms dedicated for having fun, and this is something that you’ll always find in one of those rooms.

Many people think that the shape of the Trampoline doesn’t matter, but that’s not true at all. They don’t think about the consequences of falling out, especially if we’re talking about children. There’s a very good reason why the Round Types are the most popular, so hear us out.

When you fall out of the trampoline, which is something that can happen if you are not being careful enough, you can hurt yourself on the edges if the shape of the trampoline is square or any other shape that has edges. With round ones, you can’t hit an edge, and although you can still hurt yourself if you land on the metal, it won’t be as serious, making this the perfect choice for your kids.

Rectangular Trampolines

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These are very different when you compare them to the round ones, and although for a child it wouldn’t make any difference, professionals say that the jumping pattern is completely changed, and they prefer these instead of the round versions.

They are very frequently used in gymnastics and other sports that require a person to jump high, but that’s not the reason why the “casual” person wants to purchase them. When you want to buy a trampoline for indoor use, you are most likely going to place it in one of your rooms, and what are the chances of that room being a circular shape? When you try to place something circular in a rectangular room, you will have a lot of unused space on the edges, which is why the rectangular trampolines are a lot more convenient for indoor use. If you are interested, feel free to learn more here.

Octagonal Trampolines

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These are pretty good-looking, they are easy to place somewhere in your room, and they are also available at almost any store. The perfect choice if shape matters to you and you want a combination between circular and square. Now, these come in two different styles. Fenced and non-fenced. This means that you can choose between having more protection, which is always a great option if you’re purchasing it for your children, or an unprotected version if you want to save some money or you’re purchasing for an experienced jumper.

Now that you know some of the most common shapes of these items, let’s take a look at some general things that you need to know before making a purchase.

General Trampoline Knowledge

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These items will always vary in quality, and it is up to you to choose the brand since there are way too many manufacturers on the market nowadays. Some are more reputable and known for high-quality, others are underdogs but they give their best to keep up. We can’t say which brand is the best, but a very good advice is to do a lot of research on both the product and the company before closing up the transaction.

Every trampoline will have a different jumping pattern, so if you are a person that’s using this item professionally, you might want to do some research and check this before buying. The material that it is made of is also very important, and if you want to jump high, you’ll have to purchase one that’s a bit more expensive and made out of higher-quality materials.

And last but not least, the most important thing when buying an item of this kind is to check the weight limit. If you are not aware of what this number is, you risk puncturing the trampoline and receiving an injury. Make sure that you know exactly how durable it is before you start using it, and although it’s always tons of fun to do this activity along with your family, you have to know the weight-limit before attempting to do anything. Usually, the more expensive models can hold a lot more weight, but it doesn’t always have to be like that.