7 Types of Money Clips

There is something classy about a man taking out a money clip and paying his bills. Not only does the sleek accessory add to the glamour, but it also says a lot about one’s personality. Most of the people who use them prefer a fashion accessory that limits bulkiness and enhances their appearance. With different fashion trends coming up, people are deviating from traditional huge wallets and embracing slimmer alternatives. Money clips come as a functional alternative accessory that meets the purpose. As a trendy accessory, they come in different forms like a bi-fold, magnetic, smart, front pocket, and many others.

Before settling on the best option, you should acknowledge its convenience and whether it meets the purpose you have in mind. Do you want a solution that allows you to carry a huge wad of notes or one that protects your cards from swindles? Here are seven selections you need to consider, or you can just check best.wiki and find some of them available online.

1. Magnetic Money Clip

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The most magnificent attribute of a magnetic money clip is its functionality and a remedy to puffy wallets. It would make such a huge fashion disaster to walk into a function with a well-pressed jodhpuri but mess it up with a bulging wallet in one of the pockets. That’s where a magnetic money clip comes into play. Whether you are carrying a roll of bills or a single note, the strong magnets condense them to a neat fold and hold on to them for a long time. The magnet also allows one to add a few essential cards. Due to their compact size, you can comfortably fit them in the front pocket of your shirt or jacket.

2. Bi-fold Wallet with Money Clip

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If you are one person with a low-key personality, a bi-fold wallet with a clip makes an ideal accessory for you. For decades, people used to carry several valuables in large wallets and purses. As new fashion trends favor the use of money clips, some people still want a part of the past. A bi-fold wallet offers the best from both worlds. Available with a detachable clip, it offers flexibility and functionality both at the same time. Now, instead of carrying wads of notes for your shopping spree, you only need your ATM or credit card to enjoy the same opulence. If you want to carry several accessories, you have the option of adding a separable magnet or a fixed center spring clip. The variations differ on whether you want to roll your money or not. Also, you can personalize your name and color on the wallet of your choice. This enhances the exceptional attribute of a bi-fold wallet. Currently, it is almost rare to find one that resembles another.

3. Money Clip with Card Holder

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There is nothing more convenient than carrying some crisp notes and your credit cards in one accessory. Made in an extremely slim outline, money clips with card holder makes it among the super-thin money carrying accessory. When using such slim money carrying fashion accessories, you can fold your notes and insert limited cards or IDs. Most money clip with card holder allows credit cards to fit perfectly between two plastic or metal snips. It is also an excellent choice to help you keep some loose bills as you rush through your errands.

4. Front Pocket Wallet with Money Clip

Source: EverHandmade

With solid clips, front pocket wallets with money clips allow you to carry your valuables safely. They may not be the slimmest options but they still offer the same functions as one. You can fit at least 10 notes or more than eight various cards in one card slot. It also has a special feature of holding firmly on the accessories. This makes it the most preferred money clip by athletics and sportspeople as it holds valuables into place when running, jogging, or even skipping.

5. Smart Money Clip

Source: Shenzhen Reyon Technology Co., Ltd.

This is an improvement of a money clip with a cardholder. It offers the same option of carrying notes safely and a few slots for cards. In the card spaces, you can add other essentials like coupons, a passport, or your license. A smart option allows one to carry a maximum of five cards but is quite sturdy to last for a long time. If you are looking for an alternative to your wallet, the smart money selection works perfectly by downsizing the bulkiness of traditional wallets.

6. Double-Sided Money Clip Wallet

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As the name suggests, a double-sided money clip has two sides. Thus, it has the added advantage of carrying more cards and bills. It also offers an option of putting bills on one side and cards on the other. With such an approach, these accessories minimize too much weight in the pockets. Additionally, you can fit them firmly in your front pocket without bulging. It is also a perfect choice for professionals who want to carry several bills and cards in a sleek and trendy way.

7. Carbon Fiber Glossy Money Clip

Source: Carbon Card Clip

This advanced fashion accessory uses patent-pending technology to protect personal essentials. Through this safety measure, they prevent radio frequencies and magnetic signals from getting into discrete information in your credit cards. Carbon fiber clips are also strong enough to carry a good number of your cards and notes, yet light enough to not put pressure in your pockets. Another advantage is that it can expand according to the number of cards and notes inserted. Once empty, they shrink back to their original size. Made through a complex process, they offer a combination of luxury and complexity all in one.

Final Word

While money clips offer immense benefits, one needs to consider the purpose of buying one. If you plan to carry a few bunches of notes, do not go for the money clip with card option. Instead, get a magnetic one to keep your money safely on hold. For those looking for a sophisticated and safe way to carry their money, get a smart or a bi-fold option. While the double-sided clips give you the added benefit of using both sides, the carbon fiber alternative surpasses all by technically guarding credit cards against fraud.