6 Ways to Convert Your Text to Speech Online

You will manage to hear different people trying to define the purpose of life. However, all these definitions you can hear usually have the same message. The purpose of life is to share love, be tolerant, and improve your knowledge every day. People often forget how important it is to learn new things every single day. In most cases, education stops after we graduate. That bad habit is something that people need to forget about.

Yet, being a student truly is a wonderful thing. It is part of life where people usually have fun the most. Despite that, young people are often full of energy, and they have different goals and ambitions. In the end, the most beautiful thing about college days is love. We often find the love of our life during that period. We are sure that older people reading this are feeling nostalgic right now.

Anyway, students also have a problem with their concentration and focus. There are many things out there that are more interesting than reading boring lessons. The same thing counts for people that want to improve their knowledge after graduation. Of course, some people enjoy reading, but people usually like some other methods of learning. That is the reason why text to speech software solutions became popular among people.

In this article, we will talk about ways to convert your text to speech online. There are many online tools out there that deserve your attention. Logically, we will highlight only those that come with the best features. Let’s find them out together and make your knowledge improvement process a lot easier.

1. Naturaltts

Source: StartUs

There are many reasons why naturaltts deserves your attention. It is one of the best online text to speech converters you can find online. It allows people to use a free Mp3 download feature for free. Despite that, it also allows people to test the software through the usage of the free version. You will manage to choose from precisely 61 high-quality voices. The program does not cover only the English language. You will also find voices that speak in Spanish and Portuguese Brazil language. Because of that, we believe this is the tool that deserves the attention of the worldwide population. We recommend you check naturaltts.com and get familiar with this convertor even more.

2. NaturalReader

Here comes another software that contains the word “natural” in the name. The good thing about this tool is that you can use it on Windows and Mac as well. Besides that, the users have the opportunity to change the speed of the speech.

It doesn’t matter where the text you want to convert is written. The program works perfectly with web pages, PDF, and Word files. Once again, it doesn’t matter too much where exactly you live and which language you speak. NaturalReader offers the same service in Swedish, Arabic, German, Italian, British English, and a few more languages.

Another feature that you will surely like is Optical Character Recognition. Thanks to this characteristic, you can scan the text and convert it into speech. You can download the audio form to your computer and use it when necessary.

You can subscribe to different packages. There is also a free version that comes with standard functions. On the other hand, you can subscribe to three different versions for different fees. Logically, the more you pay, the better services will be available to you.

3. iSpeech

Source: iSpeech

Another text to speech converter that deserves your attention is iSpeech. You will manage to convert your text to different audio formats. However, the more important thing that those services are not limited to one Operating System. You can convert your text to Android, iPhone, as well as Blackberry devices.

The formats you can convert your text to are agg, wma, MP3, MP4, etc. However, the wide range of formats is not the most essential feature of this tool. Believe it or not, you can voice-enable text from the chat applications as well. We are sure that is something all the people would gladly use.

Unfortunately, there is one disadvantage of the software you may not like. The free version of iSpeech does not exist. We need to highlight it is one of the priciest software solutions you can find online.

4. Acapela Group Virtual Speaker

Source: eLearning Industry

This tool is specially designed to support people that are passionate about eLearning. You will manage to find a wide range of languages, voice properties, and formats. More precisely, around 70 voices and 30 languages will be available to you. However, there is one additional thing that this program allows. Believe it or not, different voice frequencies can indicate happiness, screaming, whispering, and sadness.

However, the biggest advantage of all is the price. Believe it or not, the tool does not require a subscription. Every service of the tool is completely free.

5. AudioBookMaker

Source: Ferns N Petals

Here comes another freemium text to speech software that deserves your attention. The interface of the program is multi-lingual and you can find it in Chinese, Russian, and English language. Despite that, we need to highlight the program is also pretty customizable. You can, for instance, change the volume and speed of the speech.

When we talk about tool settings, they are fully adjustable. Still, there is another thing that we need to highlight here. All the settings you adjust will be restored each time when you re-open the document. We are sure that will save a lot of your precious time.

6. Read The Words

Source: App Ginger

Simplicity is the first feature of this tool that we need to highlight. Three language options will be available to you – Spanish, French, and English. You can, for instance, convert a blog post or article with this tool. Despite that, the link to the article will remain in the feed. You can use the tool for three days for free and test all the settings during that period. There is also a free version, and it offers the standard services. However, if you want to get the option to convert an unlimited number of files, you will have to invest a little.