What To Do While Traveling on Public Transportation 

Transport is a very important aspect to keep in mind when planning a trip. You’ve probably figured out how you’re going to travel to your destination, but you also need to consider how you are going to travel once you have reached there.

Walking is fun but only if you are based at the center of all the attention, but you’ll need to go further afield at some point. You could take a taxi, a bus or a train or you can hop onto a tour.

Public transport can be different at different places, and mostly includes buses, trains, and trams. Some places do not have a proper public transport system, taxis and rickshaws are so cheap that they act as a default public transport system. Similarly some people prefer traveling by air even on their domestic trips.

Budget airlines are significantly cheaper than full-service counterparts. It is pretty obvious, but you have to make certain compromises such as not enough leg room and no free food or drinks on-board, which is covered in your high priced airlines.

But one thing to understand here is compromising leg room is fine but you should always check for the safety features and you should always check online depending on the region you want to travel to.

Some of my tested suggestions would be Fly Dubai and Egypt Air; they offer pretty good deals for travelers. So that your safety is never compromised especially in times like these.

Wearing masks and using sanitizers on flights whether you travel by fly Dubai, or any other airline is important for every passenger. Whatever mode of travel you choose these are the things you have to follow. If you’re looking for Cheap Flights then you can visit www.tajawal.ae.

Similarly, there are a lot of ethical and important things that we should keep in mind while traveling on public transport.

This is what we will be discussing further that how one should prove to be a good traveler while traveling on public transport and how a traveler can stay safe in any more of travel. So let us get on with it!

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Tips that Keep You Safe & on Public Transport

Keeping yourself out of harm’s way is very important while traveling, and it’s even more important if you are on public transport. While traveling on public transport, you have to take care of the people in your surroundings as well,

I have mentioned a list of dos and don’ts of traveling on public transport which will give you an overview of how to be safe on public transport as well as How to make your bus journey interesting.

  • Try Not to Use perfume.
  • Try Not put-on nail polish.
  • Try not put-on eye makeup.
  • Don’t leave your luggage unattended.
  • Don’t spread out your stuff to take up too much space.
  • Avoid playing music so loud that everyone around you gets annoyed.
  • NEVER threaten a manager or transportation worker in any way.
  • Avoid eating on public transport, especially with your hands touching the seats or poles. Which could cause any sort of viral disease. People do like to eat while traveling so if you do Just be careful.
  • Don’t touch your face with your hands as you may have touched other stuff on public transport.
  • Don’t smoke on public transport.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Don’t fall asleep if you are on a city bus or train.
  • Don’t try to agitate anyone.
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Cheapest ways to Travel on Public Transport

When you travel through public transport there are a lot of things that you have to look at

When you are traveling you need to understand that you need to spend within your budget, stay safe and choose a mode of transportation that best suits your need and is reliable for you to travel on. Public transports can be very difficult to handle if not studied properly because every city has its own public transport rules and regulations.

As Public transport varies from country to country, even city to city this makes it even harder to study it and make a decision whether to travel on them or not, most of the times people make mistakes due to lack of knowledge about the public transport of a certain destination which costs them a lot.

Below I have discussed a few tricks and tips for traveling on public transport no matter where in the world you go. If you check all these factors before traveling on public transport it can help you save a considerable amount of money.

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Travel outside of peak times where possible

Bus fares are reduced after 9 am, once rush hours are over. If you are on a trip it is cheaper for you to travel after rush hours.

Another advantage is that sometimes, because of less traffic, streets can be quieter. Often this reduces your trip time.

Look out for special deals

During bank holidays and school breaks, some national companies offer cheap fares. This is a good starting point for planning a cheap day out.

Local operators also offer group tickets for adults and children that can save considerable money on days off.

Source: Siemens Mobility

Use free bus services

Major cities offer free bus or shuttle services from the main train or bus station. Before visiting a new city, check for any free bus service, and if the route takes you where you need to go.

Take advantage of ‘refer-a-friend’ codes

Most of the taxi companies offer codes as an incentive for using the service that you can give to a friend. Whenever that friend uses the given code, you get discounts on your future taxi rides which is a pretty good money-saving tip to keep in mind.

Ask For Flat Rates

Call the helpline of transport services, ask them for a flat rate for a long-distance journey.

They’ll ask you to pay the fare upfront, but it means that you won’t get charged extra as you have already paid the fare upfront so any given conditions cannot apply to you which is a pretty smart thing to do while choosing to travel.

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Ask for a cheaper deal on cab travel

A local cab company may be able to give you a discount if you plan a cab several times a week or month. Call and checkout for yourself what they can do.

All these tips are based on ethical ways of travelling and I hope that you have learned some good tips that can help you stay safe and save you some money on your journey.

Don’t forget to implement them and spread them to all the travelers in your loop. Travel safe!