Todd Graves Net Worth 2024

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Most of the people are considering for celebrities, only actors, singers or sportsman. However, there are a lot of personalities that are famous for other reasons and that are involved in different careers. Some of them are businessmen, managers, or founders of some companies. One of the most interesting biographies in the world of business has Todd Graves.

He is known as chairman, business director, and the founder of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers. At the moment, the franchise is one of the most popular places to eat, and people from all over America are enjoying their food. If you haven’t tried their chicken, we recommend you to visit one of the restaurants.

However, the businessman has an interesting story and biography, and we decided to reveal it. Keep reading the article, and you will find how Graves earned a massive amount of fame.

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Early Life

Todd Graves is born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the United States of America, on February 20th, 1972. There is no a lot of information about her parents and siblings. However, it is known that he had a normal childhood and grew up in a happy home.

The business finished Episcopal High School, which is places in her hometown. Even though he was a successful student, his career and interests drew him on the whole other side.

Professional Career

Currently, the businessman has various food companies, and most of them are based on chicken food. His interest in this kind of job started at the university when he got a business assignment. At that time, the teachers gave him low grades, and they didn’t believe his vision.

However, that’s when Graves decided to work as a fry cook so he could gain first-hand experience.

At that moment, he also decided to send his projects to a couple of banks. Sadly, the banks didn’t believe in him, and they suggested to find a real job. This gave him even more strength, so he started to work a couple of jobs at the same time so he could earn money to start his business.

Graves worked hard, and that paid him off, as he collected enough money.

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His first restaurant named Raising Cane, was opened at the North Gates of American state University. The businessman didn’t have money to open a restaurant on his own, so he did it together with Craig Silvey. In the first month, they earned only $30.

However, this was a critical moment for their careers.

Today, he is a chairman of 360 restaurants that are placed all over America. Also, he has a restaurant in Bahrain and Kuwait. Three years ago, Graves opened fifty-nine objects, and in 2018, he opened eighty more. This information is making the restaurant one of the most successful projects.

The menu of the Raising Cane has a simple menu, which includes fried potatoes sandwich, American state toast, kids’ meal, and chicken fingers.

All achievements brought Todd a lot of awards and recognition. As the Young entrepreneur of the year, he was selected by The Baton Rouge Business Report. In 2010, Graves got Score Award, which is a huge achievement in business. Also, he was named as the owner of the year.

A lot of media recognized Todd’s abilities. Some of them are Nations eating place News, USA Today, Chain Leader, QSR, Rolling Stone, and Fox News Network.

It’s important to mention that the businessman’s restaurant is helping a lot of people. He is assisting in business development, hungry, active lifestyle, and pet welfare. Graves gives twenty-five percent of his earnings to different communities.

He helped a lot of children all over America, and he also supported when the natural disaster, Katarina, happened.

A lot of media is writing about him and his generosity.

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Personal Life

Todd is a happily married man, and his wife is Gwen. The couple lives in Baton Rouge and has two kids together, a boy and a girl. The family enjoys playing T-ball games and football.

Todd enjoys spending time with his family. His wife, Gwen, also participates in charity programs.

Todd Graves Net Worth 2024

Todd and Gwen are generous people who are always there to help the people in need. They are supporting a lot of charities, and we can only admire them.

As of 2024, Todd Graves has an estimated net worth of $150 million. His restaurants are working all over America, so we can expect that this number will get higher.