6 Things to Try if Your Mobile Device Has Gone Missing

Considering how big of role mobile devices have in contemporary times, losing one could make your life more complicated than you might be willing to admit. Even though we do not mention privacy issues until our phone is gone and it is too late to change anything, not knowing where our digital best is might cause irreparable damage both to one’s reputation and their budget. Therefore, read the following things you should try if your mobile phone device has gone missing and do it fast, since the probability someone else is using your phone is more than major, considering you are reading this article.

1. Try Dialing Your Number

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People lose things, and if you are fortunate, you might discover that you have just misplaced your phone so all you need to do is keep it ringing until somebody notices it. Even if you do not get the answer from the other side, you will still leave a trace that could be the game-changer in the following development of events. You cannot lose more than you had, so trying it until your cell dies out sounds like a reasonable decision. On the other hand, if you prefer using the silent mode then this option might not be as effective as it would if you were at least left the vibration mode on.

2. Get In Touch with Your Mobile Carrier

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Although identity theft might not be the issue we are discussing here, you would be flabbergasted to discover how many cases of this type of misuse happen every year. Not solely for this, but also because someone might be talking to their friends and family overseas at your expense, should you contact your mobile carrier and ask them to terminate your number. What you should also try is to recover any useful information they are willing to share, but you will not be able to do much without the interference of the law enforcement.

What your mobile carrier can also help you with is remote data deleting. As we have mentioned earlier, your phone’s content might be of much higher value than the price of the actual device is. Fortunately, what you can do is back up the phone through the mobile carrier service and then remove everything as it never existed. We should emphasize there are also means of preventing this type of service, but that would include highly skilled professional thieves using state of the art gadgets, so if you reckon you have issues with this type of guys, we recommend next time you pay more attention to where your phone is.

3. Use a Phone Locator

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Numerous services are operating online that offer locating different personas for a small fee. Namely, they base their operations on geolocation service and provide you with particular pieces of information based on the number you provide.

At https://www.find-my-phone.org/ you can find additional info on how to use a reliable phone locator with nothing more but the internet connection.

Although this might be the ideal solution for you to find your misplaced phone, we advise you never attempt on performing such a venture on your own. Namely, you might be dealing with dangerous criminals who do not really care what you have to say and will react in a similar fashion. Therefore, think about contacting representatives of the law and stating your case before trying to act as a hero.

4. Call the Cops

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People often avoid talking to the police and are willing to take full responsibility for their missing phones, even though they are nothing more than victims of other mischievous people’s schemes. Do not be one of those guys, but call the cops and tell them all they need to know so you and your mobile friend can get back together as soon as possible. The truth is that the representatives of the law have more sophisticated equipment than you can find anywhere else. Thus, acting on your own might not be the smartest decision. Also, you should expect from them not solely to locate your device but to return it for you. Even though it might sound impossible, it is one of your safest options.

5. Find My iPhone/Device

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In case you did not know, you can enable this option on your phone anytime. It is of utter importance for you to do this not solely for being able to find the phone if it gets misplaced, but also for the sake of erasing the data via your mobile carrier. Yes, they can perform miracles, but solely if you allow them to, so make sure you cover your side of the bargain in time.

6. Password Strength

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Some people have a hard time remembering their passwords, so they tend to keep them as simple as possible, even though that can get them into trouble. If your phone is lost or stolen, the chances a random person will crack your code if it’s simple is higher than you would like it to be, so do make an effort and protect yourself forehand. Do not make it overcomplicated because you do not want to stop yourself from using your own phone, but do make it a challenge if things go not the way you plan them and you end up without your mobile device somehow. The chances of you getting your device back instantly increase upon the thief realizing they cannot break your code.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information will help you find your phone, or at least enable you to secure the most important data to remain safe and sound. The most important thing you should do is not to give up and do whatever it takes to find it, while the list from above should help you do that most optimally. Just make sure you act responsibly and ask for the help of the officials. Not solely they have to help you, but it is not advisable to take the law into your own hands, no matter how justified your reasons might be.