The Punisher Season 3 – Release Date, Cast, Video

For all of you dedicated Marvel fans, who have soaked every Netflix series such as Iron Fist, Daredevil and others, here is some relief for you – The Punisher returns to your screens!

Netflix (finally) announced that it is canceling the screening of the popular series. Since the last season was published in January, the acclaimed production decided that will not continue with the distribution of the series, which led loyal fans to the despair. Therefore, many started to question the future of The Punisher, and that’s why we are here to reveal some highlights from the popular show.

However, there is a healthy competition among the production giants, as Disney + showed how powerful it is when it bought Marvel, many wonder what will happen next. Disney + has plenty of projects, some of which are never seen so far, and it will feature many Marvel films and series too. Moreover, the current situation regarding Disney + can benefit The Punisher, and return it to its previous glory days.

However, after the final Netflix’s announcements, here what’s going to happen in the new season of The Punisher.


Who will return?

As all fans would agree, Jon Bernthal did an excellent job by bringing Frank Castle back to life, so we assume that there wouldn’t be significant changes regarding his character, even if the series falls into the hands of the Disney + production. Moreover, fans also hope that Amber Rose returns as Dinah Madani and Jason Moore as Curtis Hoyle.

Furthermore, other possible returns might occur with Josh Stewart as John Pilgrim, Giorgia Whigham as Amy Bendix and Floriana Lima as Krista Dumont, whose destiny in the show was to remain paralyzed but alive, as she was the last seen in the season two.

However, what many hope is that Ebon Moss – Bachrach might feature as tech guy David Lieberman, alongside Jaime Ray Newman as his wife, Sarah Lieberman. Also, what many are wondering is that this season will bring us the end of Ben Barnes, and from what we could figure, it certainly depends whether the series will continue with the same flow or take the series, on the whole, another level.

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Return of the Daredevil?

Apart from Frank Castle, the fans are quite enthusiastic to see Charlie Cox in his role of Matt Murdock, or his guardian alters – ego. However, the real question is, could it happen? And from what we could find out, actually, it is. Showrunner Steve Lightfoot said for Heroic Hollywood: ”Obviously Daredevil and Punisher have a lot of history, and it is like that in the comic books. Therefore, we think it would be great to dig deeper into that story.” Also, he adds: ”The villains such as Kingpin (Vincent D’ Onofrio) who featured in a lot of the Punisher books too. It will be awesome to get some of these guys back into the show if we find it possible.”

Moreover, Deborah Ann Woll also featured in the previous two seasons of The Punisher, as Daredevil’s Karen Page, so we believe that she will appear in the third season as well.

Source: Pop Culture Times

What will happen now?

As we all know, the second season ended with Ruso and the corrupt businessman Anderson and Eliza Schultz. Castle, Pilgrim, and Amy decided to go their separate ways, while Ruso’s lover Dumont allegedly survived her fall.

Moreover, there is Madani, now working for CIA, who offers to recruit Castle, however, he refuses, while continuing the war against crime on his terms.

As the Lightfoot explains it: ”The finale of the season two, that last image meant to say, ‘Look, Frank is now The Punisher,” while added ”And hopefully people were like, ‘I can’t wait for the season three, you know, come back and see what the hell he’s up to.”

Moreover, when asked for the plans, Steve says: ”To be honest, I have an excellent idea about what would be next. I have a good idea about what season three is, and I am excited about it, and Marvel knows it too, and they share my excitement too.”

Ultimately, despite Netflix’s cancellations, it doesn’t mean that The Punisher can’t continue where it stopped, and be even better than before. Sharing the exciting news from Lightfoot and Marvel, we believe that there are bright days for The Punisher and that it will continue with its regular broadcasting.

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Any available footage online?

Unfortunatelly, now when Netflix officially canceled the show, it is highly unlikely to see any official trailer any time soon.

The Punisher 3 Release Date

Sadly, after Netflix’s announcement, it is impossible to decide when the show will return, and the big question before that is whether it will return to the small screens at all. However, don’t lose hope, belief in Lightfoot, Marvel team, and check the website for further updates!