TCL 10 Android Smartphone Perfectly Balances Quality and Affordability

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You have been looking forward to the best Android smartphone for a long time. However, each phone houses its own unique features, which differentiates with the price point. Some Android smartphones are amazing but run out of your budget plan. What can be done during this stage? It is vital to get hands-on the top-quality smartphone from a reputed brand, built-in with all features and coming within your pre-set price point. There is only one name that can cover all these points, and that is 10L smartphone from TCL.

A perfect phone for smart users

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It is true that not all smartphones are perfect! When you are dealing with mid-ranging smartphones, you can always expect compromises. For example, you have $399 iPhone SE, which does not have face ID and cannot handle portrait mode. Similarly, you have $449 10 Pro from TCL, which was not that great with photography but known for its solid display.

Then you have the $250 TCL 10L, where you will receive pros and cons with mixed expectations from users. The main aim of these mid-ranging smartphones is to hit that sweet spot when the matter revolves around features and value. They should be able to handle texts, web browsing, communication, streaming and must also take decent pictures. But what makes 10L be at the top of the list within a cost-effective Android smartphone? Even though this phone is not picture-perfect but it is still quite amazing and not the worst one!

Colourful and smooth device for all

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This 10L model from TCL seems quite substantial in hand even though it weighs less than one pound. The phone is primarily plastic build, but the back comes with a smoother finish.

  • This phone has a camera bump, which comprises of four different cameras and two different LED flashes. These flashes will stick out like hair. The 10 Pro is completely flat, but there is not much of a wobble with the 10L as well as it spans most of the back.
  • TCL is always looking for the best ergonomics. The right and left sides on the back will curve up slightly, making it pretty easy to grab. Furthermore, the item is pretty tall, with a ratio of 19:5:9.
  • Even though the backside of this phone is known to be glossy and smooth, it will not get so loose in your hand that it might fall off any time.
  • The rear portion of the phone comprises the physical fingerprint sensor. It will bring back memories like the older LG smartphones and Google’s Pixel series. This phone can be a bit high for those users with smaller hands, but it is pretty easy to use.
  • When it comes to the ports, this 10L model comes with USB type C right at the bottom with a headphone jack by its side. The right side of this phone comprises of a power button and volume rocker.
  • Then you have the left portion of the phone with a combo card slot for microSD and microSIM. Moreover, the left side also comprises a customizable key.
  • The front portion of the phone comprises of the pinhole display, which is the home to 16MP selfie camera, located at the top left side corner of the phone.
  • This phone comprises of slim bezels, located at the left, right sides and top of the phone. The bottom of this phone will have a thicker bezel, which provides you with enough space to hold the device tight.

A perfect display as already expected

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The display feature of TCL 10L is quite impressive. Let’s be honest for a while. You might have expected the display of this phone to be of top-class, especially when it is coming from TCL, known for presenting the best TV sets for decades.

  • This phone comprises of 6.53 inches of LCD panel, which might not be the brightest or sharpest like the expensive models. But, when compared to the price, it delivers great value to the user.
  • Even though the phone is under $250, still it has full HD+ and TCL NXTVISION on board. The main purpose is currently to enhance the display quality of the phone, even at this rate!
  • This NXTVISION model of this phone will turn up the brightness and saturation of whatever you are aiming the camera towards. If you come up with extra vibrancy, then colours will come across as pretty bright.
  • However, this same feature might remove realism from some of the contents, not all. You won’t notice it much with the 10 Pro model, as it comes with an AMOLED display. However, that panel is of higher quality because of the higher price point and can handle contrast way better than 10L.
  • The display of this 10L will work best with colour reproduction, but the brightness can be a bit low. It might even struggle to function brightly under direct sunlight.
  • The 10L follows the same theme of being immersive. Even though it is not nearly as immersive as 10 Pro, but the NXTVISION will not have an enormous effect on contrast too.

Take pictures like never before

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It is rather a surprise to know that even at $250 you have four different rear cameras with 10L. These cameras are placed in horizontal format across the top of the phone. The four cameras comprise of a super-wide lens, main lens, depth sensor and a macro lens. These lenses are held in their exact places with two separate LED flashes, located at both ends of the camera strip.

The main lens comes with 48MP, which can shoot photos in 12MP as its default setting. You can change it to 48Mp once you receive the phone. This is the same pixel binning technique, which will you find in most of the 2024 models from different brands. The main goal of the camera is to deliver a photo with sharpness and vibrancy in smaller sizes.

So, without wasting your time any further, you can easily look for TCL 10 smartphone now! It is one perfect model to balance affordability and quality well.