Sunetra Sastry Net Worth 2024

It’s interesting how some persons become famous overnight only because they start a relationship with someone famous. Even though some of them don’t want the media’s attention, they can’t run from it. Sunetra Sastry got in the center of the media’s attention after she married Rowan Atkinson. He is an actor and comedian worth $130 million as estimated by and most well-known for his role as Mr. Bean. Except for being married and divorced from the actor, Sastry is a professional make-up artist.

Keep reading our article, and you will find out how the couple met and why they got divorced.

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Sunetra Sastry was born in Newcastle, England, in 1957. Her father has Indian ethnicity, and her mother holds an English ethnicity. The make-up artist faced a lot of difficulties because of the discrimination of her father. Also, the family of her mother disowned them because she married her father.

Even though she had some problems during childhood, Sunetra found her way in the beauty industry. After she finished college, the professional artist continued education on the beauty college in London.

Although her parents wanted her to become a nurse, she decided to pursue her dream. That was the right decision, as she made a lot of success in the career of a professional make-up artist. Her first job was at the BBC, where she used to do make-ups.

It’s important to mention that she was involved in Smack & Thistle and Black Alder. Also, she worked for various projects from Rowan Atkinson production.


Marriage with Rowan Atkinson

Rowan and Sunetra met on the set of the show Black Adder. At the set, she did the make-up for Stephen Fry and later on for Rowan also. Stephen Fry is gay, but he said that the beautiful Sunetra was one of the few ladies that he liked. However, he didn’t ask her out because Rowan also loved her. Interestingly, Stephen was later the best man at their wedding.

After Sunetra and Rowan dated for a few months, they decided to get married. In 1990 the wedding ceremony was held in the Russian Tea Room in New York City.

The love birds had two kids together, a daughter Lily and a son Benjamin. Sadly, after 24 years of a happy marriage, the couple divorced. At the moment of their separation, the media speculated that Rowan cheated on Sunetra with actress Louise Ford. Later on, Louise and Rowan showed up together in public and revealed their relationship.

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Sunetra Sastry Net Worth 2024

During her career, the beautiful make-up artist accumulated a significant amount of cash. Most of the money she got from the divorce settlement. Besides, she also earned money from her make-up career.

As of 2024, Sunetra Sastry holds a net worth of $15 million.