Shanna Mendiola Net Worth 2024

Shanna Mendiola is a famous Filipino-American meteorologist. She is known for working for NBC4, which is an NBC network based in Southern California. Shanna is one of the journalists that received an Emmy Award, which is a great achievement. People love Mendiola because of her charisma and talent. Also, she gained fans’ affection thanks to her philanthropic work.

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Early Life

Shanna Mendiola was born in the Filipino city of Iloilo on October 27, 1984. There is not a lot of public information about her parents and siblings, as she doesn’t want to reveal those details. However, it’s a fact that from an early age, Mendiola wanted to be a scientist. Her mother was a nurse, and she wished for Shanna to pursue her career.

The meteorologist enjoyed to watch science-related programs, and especially she loved Today Show’s weather forecast. At that moment, Shanna decided to become a weather broadcaster. Nevertheless, she finished Wooster College and got a degree in clinical psychology. Afterward, she continued education and obtained a doctorate in forensic and clinical psychology at Virginia Consortium.

Professional Career

Shanna started a career as an intern. She worked for different stations, which include KGO-TV, KDVR, KTVZ-TV, and KWGN. Thanks to such a colorful job experience, Shanna lived in different places, such as Oregon, San Francisco, and Denver. Currently, Mendiola lives in Southern California as she works for NBC4.

Shanna is devoted to her career, and her usual working day starts at 2 am because she does research work. She uses a lot of technological devices such as Doppler weather radar truck and a mobile weather station known as NBC4xCaster.

As a result of her hard work, Mendiola won an Emmy award in Los Angeles because of the program El Nino: Currents of Change. Besides, she is a winner of Dancing with the Stars. Shanna got a prize of $7,000, which she donated to Anchor Centre for Blind Children.

Shanna is a volunteer in different organizations. Also, she helped Filipino children who have problems with a vision to encourage them to pursue a meteorologist career.

Personal Life

Shanna keeps her love life private, and until now, there was nothing revealed about that matter. However, on the internet appeared a photo with Brian Tong. Also, she was seen with his siblings in various occasions.

The rumor of their relationship was not confirmed, but according to the photo, we can assume that information is accurate.

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Shanna Mendiola Net Worth 2024

Shanna Mendiola’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be $200,000. She accumulated her wealth from a professional journalism career.