Darlene Rodriguez Net Worth 2024

When we are talking about journalists and correspondents that have marked an era, we should mention Darlene Rodriguez. The reason for this is not just the fact that she is a great journalist it is the fact that she was the one who succeeded to break the ice for women journalist into the business so that they get more space and better coverage.

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Personal Life

First of all, we should mention that Darlene Rodriguez was born on the 8th June in 1970. She was born in the Bronx, NYC, the USA. It should be also noted that her family originally came from Puerto Rico and that she never hid her ancestry. On the contrary, she is very proud of it. As far as her education is concerned, she finished her primary and high education in her place of birth. More precisely, she finished Christopher Columbus High School.

After she has finished her high school she decided that it would be good for her to move to Miami, Florida and continue her life there. She also wanted to try herself in journalism and this was the reason why she enrolled at the University of Miami and graduated from it in 1992 with her majors being journalism and political science. It should be noted that her love for journalism exploded when she was at college.

Also, she always liked various ethnic cuisines and she started to create some programs regarding this which were aired on local cable networks. However, when she finished her studies and married, she decided to continue her life in NYC.

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It should be noted that Darlene Rodriguez has been married for a long time and that she has been having a very successful marriage. It should be noted that her husband is David Rodriguez and that a couple has two children, a boy and a girl. Even though the couple seem happy we should also mention that David is a former police officer. From 2017, there were several accusations of him using his police uniform in assaulting and abusing young women. However, even due to these accusations, David and Darlene has stood side by side in the hardships.


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When her career is in question, we should mention that it has been lasting for a long time and for the largest companies in the industry. To be more precise, she is currently employed at NBC for The Today Show. Before this, she has worked for a lot of cable networks, some of which include BronxNet. She also worked for WCBS for quite a while, all of these were references for her to get job at NBC.

Darlene Rodriguez Net Worth 2024

First of all, let’s say that it is known that her annual salary is $100K. She has been working for a long time and has been working for NBC for quite a while and all this means that she accumulated a lot of wealth. It has been estimated that her current net worth is $1.5 million.