Priscilla Faia Net Worth 2024

Priscilla Faia is one of the best known young actresses from Canada and she has been slowly but successfully building her career. She has had many movie and TV show appearances.

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Personal Life

To begin with, she was born on the 23rd of October in 1985 and she is currently 33 years old. She was born in a place called Victoria which is located in British Columbia in Canada. It should be also noted that she was interested into acting and writing from an early age.

Strange as it may sound, her career started when she was just a young girl of 8. She was scouted by an agent and signed so she started to go to Screen Actors Studio which was located in her home town. Priscilla spent most of her childhood in Victoria and she decided that it was time for a change when she turned 22.

She moved to Vancouver then and she decided to try to build a career as an actress. She had initial success when she got some work in the commercials.

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When her movie career is concerned, we should mention that her first role was in a movie series called True Justice. The series had 2 seasons and it had 26 episodes, and it aired in 2011 and 2012. Even though she got a small role here, it was her breakthrough.

On the other hand, when we think of her bigger and more significant roles, we should mention her role in Rookie Blue. Her character was Chloe Price and it should be noted that she was the main character on the series which lasted from 2013 until 2015. It should be also noted that she got a role in Seed as Sandra and she appeared in an episode called The Bjorn Identity.

She got another movie role in 2015 when she acted in My One Christmas Wish, her character name being Kate. Next year, i.e. in 2016, she acted in a series called Motive in the episode called The Vanishing Policeman, and her character name was Lori. She is also actively acting in a series called You Me Her as Izzy and we should mention that the series started with airing in 2016 and is still airing.

The most important thing here is the fact that he is the main character here.

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Canadian Charity Challenge

She is actively included and involved in various organizations which fight against poverty and for the preservation of nature. In order to support UNICEF, she decided to go to Peru in 2013. It should be also noted that she took part in the first Charity Challenge which was held to Machu Picchu.

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Priscilla Faia Net Worth 2024

She has been working since she was 8, and she was in a constant look-out for work and projects. All this resulted in her being actively engaged in various projects and making money. As of 2024, Priscilla Faia’s net worth has been estimated at $1 million.