Which Are the 6 Parts of a Polaris Range UTV That Have to Be Changed Regularly?

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It may as well be true that your UTV is one of the most special purchases you can ever make. Not necessarily based on the cost, but on its utility and versatility. Owning a UTV helps one successfully complete hard tasks in farm work or driving off-road through uncharted territories.

Most buyers prefer Polaris Range UTV due to its offroad capacity. It has a high torque power, higher power density, and a number of high-quality parts such as lights, seats, mirrors, etc. In addition, due to its high towing and hauling capacity, it is used for transporting goods, dirtbikes, ATVs, water sports, and so on.

The UTV is highly versatile and can be used for various applications. It is known to be quite resilient and, with proper maintenance, to have a long and prosperous life. The secret is that some parts for Polaris Ranger UTVs must be up to date for it to be driven with no worries, which you can find on RadParts. This article will explore six parts of this UTV that need a regular replacement for a better driving experience.

1. Bearings

The UTV’s bearings get worn and damaged with time as the truck is used for off-road and highway terrain. The bearings can be easily replaced at any local automobile store. So, you will not have to go through the difficulty of searching for a special store. You can even change your axles, wheels, transmissions, etc. if you have the right guidance. It is not that difficult to do it by yourself, either.

Different types of bearings need to be checked regularly on this UTV. The wheel bearings are most important as these get damaged fast. These must be changed regularly and maintained so the UTV can run smoothly.

2. Caliper Clutch

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As you already know, the caliper clutch is used for the UTV’s braking system. When you push the pedal, the caliper clutch gets engaged. The caliper is pushed against the rotor, ensuring the UTV’s braking. If your brakes are not working in a proper manner, you need to change your caliper clutch for proper functioning.

You need to change the clutch regularly, every year if possible because its life span is not that long. For this, you need to put the necessary amount of money for the part. Your brakes will work well if you change your caliper clutch every year on schedule. The precaution has its purpose if you care to look further into it. You have to keep in mind that a UTV has to resist a lot of stress and hard work. So, it is necessary to keep a perpetual eye on its maintenance.

3. Drive Shafts

The drive shaft serves various purposes in the UTV, such as transmission, steering, and suspension system. However, over time, it gets worn out and needs replacement. You may not be able to know that your drive shaft is damaged until you experience brake failure. Do not let things go too far before you take proper action. A damaged drive shaft will cause your UTV to become unstable when braking. You need to change the UTV’s drive shaft in such a case in order to avoid some disastrous outcomes.

4. Differential

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The differential is a crucial component in the system for steering and suspension of most Polaris UTVs. The differential gets worn out as the UTV gets used and needs replacement. Be very careful in that case! You will experience vehicle slippage, which can also be experienced as engine vibrations when your differential is damaged. It can be against all safety precautions to drive the UTV in such a state. Therefore, you need to change your differential annually to have a smooth ride and good steering.

5. Differential Housing

The differential housing is one of the main parts attached to the differential for steering and suspension of your Polaris UTV. As you know, differential housing is one of the two parts connecting the differentials. It can be easily replaced by yourself if you have sufficient DIY knowledge. It is not difficult to do, so definitely try it if you want your UTV to work well.

6. Exhaust System

When Polaris UTVs are used regularly, they tend to get dirtier than other UTVs. Dirt settles on the exhaust system, which eventually causes a cracked exhaust system. If you want to make your UTV look good and last longer, you need to change your UTV’s exhaust system on time. It will help proper engine functioning and perform a good work function for your UTV.

Be Consistent in Your Maintenance

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As we mentioned, Polaris UTV is a highly versatile UTV. However, such UTVs must be regularly maintained as they demand in-depth maintenance and regular replacements of key parts. It is best to replace these parts on time because of their short life span. Also, ensure that you have the right guidance for replacing such parts if you want to do it independently.

The parts for Polaris Range UTVs are readily available in the market, but still, you have to be careful while choosing a genuine part. If you choose an inferior part, it may cause trouble later during its functioning. If you are not confident about doing this yourself, it is better to take the UTV to a mechanic who can help you do this.

The Bottom Line

The Polaris Ranger UTV is one of the most known and favored models out there. It is good for demanding labor and for getting the joy of driving off-road. Moreover, when it comes to taking care of it, you only need to concern yourself with a few parts that should be checked regularly or changed. There are under ten parts that you have to monitor from time to time, and for the rest of the time, you can use your UTV without fear that it may break down or fail you unexpectedly. So, trust yourself that the Polaris Range UTV is the right choice and, as such, use it with confidence and pride.