Pillow Boxes – 6 Unique Styles

Wrapping trends are changing with the rapid change in the taste of the consumers. And if your business does not adopt the change rapidly then you must be losing your customer engagement. So by considering all these facts brands used to disclose their products with the titillating appearance. And for the assistance of the brand’s packet industry comes up in the ground and offers the unique and artistically designed wrapping solutions for their customers. The most interesting thing regarding these box solutions is that customers can customize each inch of their box as per their needs.

It means the customers can not only design the packaging according to their desire but they can also select different packing dimensions of the wrapper. These dimensions entail:

  • Different sizing options
  • Unique shapes of boxes
  • Alluring color combinations
  • Upgraded designs and styles

As all things that are enlisted above are essential to creating the unique identity of the box and the brands. Likewise, there is a unique wrapping shape that you cannot commonly observe everywhere. And this the pillow-shaped boxes of the products. The pillow cartons is often used to pack the following products:

  • Bakery products like donuts, cookies, candies
  • For gift packaging
  • Different cosmetic products like eye shadow, hair extensions, and creams
  • Soaps and candles are also packed in the boxes to create a different and bewitching outlook.

However, the Kraft pillow boxes that are made from the eco-friendly box are becoming more popular as the wrapping preferences of the consumers and end-user are shifted from the un-compostable packaging to eco-friendly packaging.

You can found some unique and bewitching packing options of pillow boxes that make the ordinary packaging more elegant.

1. Pillow boxes with handle

As in the beginning, it is notified that the ordinary packing solution does not seem compatible with the wrapper solution. So the little curved edges of the rectangular shape grant a new shape to the wrapping and it is known as the pillow boxes. Nowadays the simple boxes are also found at the retail outlets with numerous products. So in order to make it more modified the packagers add the handles on these boxes. However, in order to serve the packaging needs of such customers who need to green then the Kraft pillow packaging is also available with handles.

2. Decorative pillow boxes

The most popular use of pillow boxes is for gift purposes. As the utmost desire of all the gift sender is to create an impressive outlook of the gifts that make the receiver amuse about the inside gifts. So, these pillow cases must be created in a way that endows such sense to the consumers. And for this purpose a wide range of decorations are available.  It is obvious that the taste of all customers is not similar so their decoration likings also vary according to their wish.

Add to this sometimes a particular event needs specific decoration just like on Valentine’s Day use of heart shapes and red color is extensive as it creates the relevancy of the gift with the event. So, the packager allows the consumers to use any kind of decoration on their boxes. For this purpose, the following decoration options are available:

  • Ribbons of various colors and designs.
  • Heart shape die-cutting and other die-cutting options.
  • Beads for alluring expression.
  • Glitters to endow the shiny touch.
  • Bows and laces for the typical look.

3. Pillow boxes with window patching

Some products need a magnificent display as these products are itself so beautiful. Like if you need packaging to pack the luxurious cosmetics and jewelry products then it is advisable to insert the windows on the boxes. These windows present your products even from inside the packaging. And it would reduce your peril to undo the packaging for the display. In this way, these boxes not only display but also protect the sensitive products while you place them on the retail counters and rags. The custom pillow packaging are also available with windows if the customer demand to add the window on them.

4. Multi-color pillow boxes

Colors are one of the most imperative chunks in making the presentation out of the crowd. So, the multi-color pillow packaging is available for all of the customers who need colorful packaging. Special color schemes and multi-colored lines are used on the box to make it more vivid and eye-catching for the viewers. However, the colorful presentation attracts more beholders and this is the reason mostly it is used for the candies, cookies and chocolate packaging.

5. Laser-cut pillow packaging

The laser-cut option endows the thin artwork to the packaging. This type of cutting is done by using heavy and high-tech cutting machines. But the end look of these cases particularly attracts the customers toward purchasing the products. However, the use of gold and silver foiling is used at the edges of the design to provide a more vigorous presentation. But these boxes are generally used by big brands for the presentation of the favors at the business events. However, luxury cosmetic brands also prefer to pack their high-quality cosmetics in these laser-cut pillow packaging. An alternative to this simple Die-cut box is also available for the customers who want to endow a simple look instead of applying the thin art to their packaging.

Add to this Plain pillow boxes are also used by the manufacturer to endow the simplicity in their packaging. Contrary to this, boxes with metallic tones are also available in the laser cut option.

6. Wall hanging pillow boxes with punch whole

At the retail store, products are also displayed on the walls but for this kind of display, the wrapping is made accordingly. So, for such retail products that need a clear display, the wall hanging option is attached. So the packaging makers also provide this opportunity for the pillow packing. And the retailers would easily display the wall hanging pillow cases on the walls to enhance the demonstration of their retail store walls. However, for these boxes, the divergent printing options are also used that add the brand-related information on the box.

And in this way, these printings provide the brand image to the products. It means the customers can print their taglines, brand messages, brand logo, and other relevant stuff on the pillow packing easily by using different printing options.

The crux of the whole discussion shows that by adding some twists and turns on the simple packing you can create a divergent display of the products. And resultantly this would grab the attention of the target audience. However, this deviating packaging would also endow the exceptional identity to your brands and keep the customers remember about your products through the wrapping.

So, if you need to endow the out of the crowd appeared to your products then you should try these wrapping solutions. On the other hand, if you need these wrapper solutions for your gifts then these cases are also beneficial in making your presents more valuable by their stunning presentation. And for all such customers who need the Kraft pillow boxes wholesale the special quantity discounts offers are available.

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