Marketing Cosmetic Products with Attractive Packaging and Boxes

Every girl loves makeup! And every person admires beauty. When we go shopping, we get drawn to attractive packages and boxes. The reason for that is that when we see something that looks beautiful, we assume that the product inside is a high-quality product. And we are usually right, companies that spend time thinking about the package usually have really good products.

Here we are going to show you some of the products that have well-thought boxes and packages. Just beware, you will fall in love with these products and you will have to have them! To top these products off, you will need to be extra creative and come up with unique designs.

We will also teach you how to promote your own product with the right box and how to draw potential customers in.

Marketing the Products

The package is one of the most important things. If you want your product to be recognized and sold everywhere, you need to think about the quality, but about the way it is presented as well.

Once you have your finished product, you can market it on your website and social media networks. But, before you get to that part, you need to think how your product will look.

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Product Packaging in the Cosmetic Industry

Did you know that the beauty and cosmetic market is worth about $500 billion? This makes you wonder, why do people pick one product instead of the other and how can companies benefit from that information.

To grab the attention of the customers, the product boxes needs to make sense for the product and to be eye-catching and attractive.

So, if you are a new business owner or if you are designer that should create product packaging design for a cosmetic product, you will need to find the balance between surprise and expectation that drives sales.

The best way to learn that is to look at some innovative examples and study what those brands are doing right.

Unique Design

Can you make the package look like something other than a package? When you design a product and opt for a box that is unique, people will be drawn to it.

A great example of that is a box that looks like a book, with the name of the product instead of the title. You can put anything in there, from soaps to perfumes.

Choose dark, mysterious colors that will make people buy your product.

Source: National Geographic

Single Serve Packaging

We live busy lives and we are always in a hurry to go somewhere. We want to have our favorite products with us, so we can reapply them on the go.

These products should be small and compact so we can carry them in our bags or purses and because of that, the package should be small as well.

Single serve packaging is great for people who want something handy in their busy lifestyle. If you want people to choose your product, make sure you offer a single service packaging or have your product in some smaller, testing sizes.

Eco Packaging

Did you know that companies who choose eco-friendly packaging are better accepted on the market than companies who don’t? The sales of green-friendly products continue to grow every year since 2010.

Many consumers are interested in protecting the environment and they always choose eco-friendly products.

The best thing about these packages is that first they will make more people buy your product, your business will go up and the most important thing, it will reduce your company’s carbon footprint!

Source. News Daily Articles

Unique Shapes

Companies that want to stand out choose uniquely shaped products. These products don’t need much of a package. You can choose a transparent box if you focus on the design of the product only.

Some companies decide not to pack the product at all or go for a clear layout so the product can be shown off. Combine unique shapes with bold colors to get the consumers to try your product.

Visit this site to get some ideas and see what kind of packages for your products you can get.

Luxury and Durability

To create a high-end beauty product, you want the package to show the luxury. Another thing that should be shown just with the box alone is an image of durability and steadiness.

To do that you should use hardier materials for the design, such as glass, wood or metal. Colognes and perfumes are well-suited to this type of design.

Source: soopak

Beauty and Function

You should not be afraid to use elegant and beautiful designs to attract customers. The people who are looking for the highest quality available, usually look for metallic tones or jeweled packages. At the end of the day, we all know that high-end products call for high end designs.

These designs are a great fit for everything, starting from makeup, up to skin care and perfumes. But, when you think about the design, know that these products have to be functional. You don’t want the consumer to be frustrated every time they try to open the product.

Bold Colors

The best way to show your product off is by using bold and bright colors. We are drawn to strong colors because they give the idea that something is fresh, fun and those products catch our eye right away.

More and more companies are choosing to show the colors on the product box instead of just hiring models to promote their product. Bold color designs are great for makeup and even skin care products if you combine them with some nude colors.

Next time you go to the store look at the different designs other companies use. What would you buy? A lot of company owners and designers make the mistake of creating something they would not buy themselves.

To market the product you have, you need to choose to design it and the box it comes in in a unique way. Don’t be afraid to be different and to use bold colors.

Source: Color Hex

The design of the package is important for all industries, but it is especially valuable in cosmetic products. Clean boxes can lead people to think that their hair or skin will become clean by using your product.

Choose a design and colors that will represent your company’s values and that is will do half of the marketing job on their own.